How to Make Quiet MP3 Songs Louder?


Not every MP3 song has the same volume level. At one time, the MP3 song is loud and when comes the next song, the song is too soft that you have to adjust the volume knob to make the song louder. Sometimes, you have adjusted the volume knob to the maximum but you still can hardly hear a thing. I have already mentioned MP3Gain. MP3Gain is a really useful Windows application that allows you to adjust your MP3 songs to have the same volume level, so that you don’t have to reach for the volume knob each time you play different songs.

Vloud Makes Quiet MP3 Louder

Vloud is a similar tool as MP3Gain. This free web-based application lets you increase the volume of MP3 or WAV file to make it sound louder than before. Using the web app is extremely easy and straighforward, first choose your preferred preset volume options (light, loud, louder or loudest), next click “Choose File” button to browse for the audio file (max 10 MB) that you want to make it louder. Your MP3/Wav file will be uploaded and processsed by Vloud. The end result will be a louder song. You can listen to the song online and download it to your computer. 

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  • Cool. I usually use a sound editor whenever I want an mp3 to be louder (usually for our church’s Christmas play purpose :D). I guess this is simpler for non-techie people

  • Great find dude. Will share this with my friends also.

  • DAN was HERE

    Azteg!! more power sayo and tnx!! 🙂

  • Osome trick, I use audacity to increase the volume of the MP3 or any sort of audio file

  • Thanks for the info. This was eactly what I was looking for. it workded perfectly.

  • Thanks for the awesome tip! That’s just what I was looking for.

  • sum1

    it is good but the quality becomes bad ( crap)

  • Liz

    well the site doesn’t work..i put an mp3 file there and it said ”vloud accepts mp3 files and wav only! upload an .mp3 extension! ” and I’m like WTF? when i upload another song,it works..but :/

  • Wow…fantastic, I thought I can’t make my mp3 or WAF file louder base on my PC and soundcard, but now the problem’s solved…thank you very much dude.

  • Ardigangsta