Download Uniblue Powersuite Lite 2013 for Free


As promised, we are going to look in-depth (sort of) on the free (or lite) edition of the new Uniblue Powersuite 2013.

The Uniblue Powersuite Lite 2013 is actually a stripped-down version of the commercial software suite. It offers just a few features from what’s on offer. Well, there’s nothing to complain about because it’s free . To enjoy complete features, you can purchase the pro version at $89.95 a piece ($59.95 for limited time).

Uniblue Powersuite Lite 2013

In the redesigned main screen of the software suite, you can view the health state of your computer at the glance. For lite version, you can just ignore the information. The major components are divided into three sections – they are Speed Tools, System Optimization and Disk Optimization. However, you can use only the Speed Tools section. The other two sections are locked, unless you upgrade to pro version.

Okay, let’s see what’s on offer in Speed Tools section. As the name implies, you can find a set of tools to make your computer runs faster. The tools include the CPU manager (to manage and balance the CPU usage), Software Launch Booster (to boost software launch speed), Start Menu Software Accelerator (decrease software launch times through Start Menu) and Proactive Thumbnail Generator (save thumbnail data to disk for faster access).

Uniblue Powersuite Lite 2013 - Speed Tools

Since these are all the tools that are offered in the lite version, you are recommended to enable all of them. To enable the tools, simply click on the “Start Speed Tools” button within the Speed Tools section. All the tools will be turned on in no time.

Uniblue Powersuite Lite 2013

Uniblue Powersuite Lite 2013 is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and XP.

Download Uniblue Powersuite Lite 2013

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