How to Lock/Hide Your Folder in Windows XP without Using Any Software?


Normal Windows XP Users may not find the Windows command prompt to be much useful to them, but here is something useful ( sort of ) that you may find it interesting. Besides watching Star Wars movie and adult content ( mouth watering ya? ) via the command prompt, now you can even lock any folder in your Windows XP without even using any software. Interested to try out? Okay, here you go. Follow the instructions below. 😀

  1. Maybe you want to try it out on an empty folder in case something goes wrong. So first create a folder in drive C , let say you name it as “my-secret-collection” ( LOL! ) without the quotes.
  2. Next, open your command prompt ( Start > Run > type “cmd” in the Run box without the quotes )
  3. Within the command prompt, type “attrib +s +h C:\my-secret-collection” ( again without the quotes )
  4. This command will make your folder completely invisible and it can not be seen even in hidden files and folders. Try search for the folder, I am sure it returns no result. It’s cool right?
  5. To make the folder visible again type “attrib -s -h C:\my-secret-collection”
  6. And of course you can lock other folder too, by changing the location C:\my-secret-collection to address of your folder.

If you feel this method a little tedious and scare that you tend to forget the folder that you have lock before, feel free to try any of the 5 free windows file protection tools.

Steve Yu is a technology blogger with ten years blogging experience under his belt. He is the founder of or just MTQ.
  • vickie

    huh I thought this should be called as invisible folder?
    hey thanks steve! I learned something how to make my assignment folder to be invisible

  • vickie > yaya, completely invisible folder! I’m glad it helps 😀 So you already finish your assignment ya? Seem like very free liao nih? Got time come and drop comments here.

  • Wah, good to hide all the xxx videos and pics?!

  • hello there…
    Saw your link from vickie..
    You’ve a nice blog about web.. keep it up.. 😉

  • Kitkat > ya, definitely good. You have a lot ar? Share it la! 😀

    curryegg > hi, curryegg. Nice to see you here.

  • Kok Hwa

    Vy useful bro…. will try it out… hehe…

  • Sean

    If you have “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)” unchecked in folder options, then the floder becomes dim, not invisible

  • Kok Hwa > Great to see you here, bro. 😀

    Sean > I guess no many ppl will uncheck the option and they may not aware of that option as well.

  • mrsleep

    Amazing how dos commands that have been there for nearly 30 years are somehow amazing, incredible and worthy of making a blog post for.

  • Vista

    cool trick…. but doesnt work on Vista!

  • JAMMER066

    this works great as long as you don’t have “hide protected operating system files” un-checked in folder options – view

  • Don’t rely on this!

    Once your folder is hidden, go to Windows File Explorer (My Computer) and sellect Tools -> Folder Options -> View (tab). Under “Hidden files and folders” select “Show hidden files and folders”. Also un-select “Hide protected operating system files.” — Then take another look at your “”hidden”” folder.

  • shankar satpathy

    thanks body ireally apprecitae ur stuufs plz tell some other cmd in cmd

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  • Hey, this trick works only if users didn’t select “Show hidden files and folders”. I am still searching for software that can hide any files or folders and lock them with password. I will publish it on my blog once i found.

  • dicky > this trick works even if the user enable “Show hidden files and folders” option. It doesn’t works only if the “Hide protected operating system files” option is unchecked. I already compile 5 of such software in case you didn’t notice. There is a link to the post at the bottom.

  • neax

    this only flags a file/folder’s ACL as being a system file. By default, explorer doesn’t display system files – however this is an option that can be unchecked, right below ‘show hidden files/folders’. An alternative method is to create an additional account, and use NTFS permissions to allow/deny access to whatever it is you don’t want others to see.

    Oh, and don’t share the password for the new account.

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  • Its a good old nice trick!

  • Thanks for sharing information with us nice trips and nice tricks

  • Thanks for a effective trick by which we are able to create invisible folder without using any S/W.

  • Sujan

    nice one dude! it’s fun to hide pvt files without making folder invisible from hide option.

  • firoz

    hey steve i have windows xp …but it didnt work on my laptop , i followed your points religiously but to no luck…any suggestion guys…thanx