Watch Star Wars Episode IV in Your Command Prompt for Free


Star Wars in Command Prompt

What can you do with your Windows command prompt? Here is one, watching Star Wars movie Episode IV – A New Hope, directly from the command prompt. How do that sounds to you? Interesting? Here is how to watch the movie in Ascii.

  1. Go to Start > Run.
  2. In the Run box, type “cmd” ( without the quotes ) and hit OK to open the command prompt windows.
  3. Within command prompt, type “telnet” ( without the quotes ) and hit ENTER.
  4. Sit back and watch the show. Oh ya, grab some popcorns also.

** For MAC users, go to Terminal and type “telnet” (without the quotes).

I have no idea if this works with Windows Vista ( cos I am Win XP user ), some said it worked , some said no.

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[UPDATE 2/10/2015] : Learn how to watch ASCII version of Star Wars in Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

[UPDATE 8/11/2015] : Dress up your computer with Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens theme pack.

Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens Theme Pack

[UPDATE 20/12/2015] : Check out all these Easter Eggs to Awaken the Force Within.

[UPDATE 1/12/2016] : Dress up your computer with Rogue One – A Star Wars story theme packs.


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  • Just checked it out, it is pretty awesome I must say! 😀

  • G R E A T, I Love it, thanks for sharing, 🙂

  • =( I thought it was for real… but it did opened my eyes

  • Nate

    This is cool, I wonder if it is the whole show

  • Remy

    Sorry, I don’t use windows =D

  • Wow, got porn movies in command prompt or not?! It would be much better! Hahahaaha

  • Remy > well, you can access the video as long as you have telnet client.

    Kitkat > You want it? You get it. Read my next post will you?

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  • Phil112

    It works in Linux aswell, well, Ubuntu atleast.

  • Xyzzy

    For those concerned with portability:

    This command runs telnet (A remote shell program) and connects to an external server. Telnet can be installed on pretty much any operating system in existence, but most of the times it will already be installed.
    Unless I’m mistaken, telnet isn’t installed by default on Vista.

    Actually, telnet isn’t a program, it’s a network protocol. So even if there isn’t any compatible telnet clients for your system, you can write one yourself.

  • A.Alaalas

    Telnet not recognized cmd in Vista; and yeah like I’m gonna write my own script! Hah, get a life.

  • rcook8601

    Telnet is installed in Vista, but it’s not enabled by default. To enable it, go to Control Panel->Programs->Turns Windows features on or off, and then check the box next to “Telnet Client” (not the telnet server). Wait for it to enable, and then you can type in the command into the command prompt.

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  • Katherine

    wow… that’s cool. But I wonder how the Star War movie can work in command prompt? :p

  • Adrian

    That’s actually pretty cool. The novelty wears off after about 2 minutes (if that) but it’s a cool geek trick to show off. lol. You know your a geek when you say something like that. At least I look cool. hahahaha

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  • shawn

    who the hell has time to write/code all that…

  • Farterfacedotto

    Absolutely brilliant.

  • thanks for sharing,i like it!

  • JAMMER066

    sorry, I guess I’m no geek. Stick figures and types dialog just doesn’t turn me on.
    felt like I went back about 30 years in the past and watched the first computer.
    reminded me of the first video games that came out-hated them too.

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  • linuxamp

    While I truly admire the hard work put into that I prefer watching it with sound. Really amazing work though.

  • Josh

    Connection refused!

  • Josh > you can try this website :

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  • hm. bookmarked

  • its really cool…
    .-= Check out ajeet´s latest blog post ..Amazing Facebook trick =-.

  • I’m surprised no one has recorded it and posted it on youtube. Too lazy to run the prompt. haha

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  • Michael Martin

    I saw this like……… god idk… early 2000’s and it wasn’t the entire movie back then….

  • Really Amazing!

  • Darrin Hommel

    did not work win10

  • It’s amazing. Thanks for share with us.