How to Watch Free Adult Content via Your Windows Command Prompt?


Warning : This post contains adult material.

Watch Adult Content via Windows Command Prompt For Free

So you have watched the Ascii version of Star Wars movie via your windows command prompt ( you can also watch the movie using any telnet client )? Now, let go for the real cool stuff, will you? Watch the free adult content right from your windows command prompt!! Can’t wait to watch it? Here’s how.

  1. Go to Start > Run.
  2. In the Run box, type “cmd” ( without the quotes ) and hit OK to open the command prompt windows.
  3. Within command prompt, type “telnet” ( without the quotes ) and hit ENTER.
  4. Sit back and watch the porn show. Oh ya, grab some popcorns also.

Steve Yu is a technology blogger with ten years blogging experience under his belt. He is the founder of or just MTQ.
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  • Going to try it right now

  • Hahaha. Steve, funny you.

  • Kavitt S

    LEME TRY..

    seems like a good idea…esp the popcorn + porn part

  • Aiyoo..first time here, and you teach me how to watch porn. ok lah gua cuba.

  • orang cina > LOL!!! Don’t let your mum know it o!

  • Where got porn la, I see a penis only. -_-

  • Should have found this one before april fools day! I could have emailed it out 🙂

    Warm Geeky Regards,

    Karl “TheAdmiN” G.

  • Such an evil way, but I like it, thanks for sharing!

  • Deimos > Feeling disappointed? LOL!

    Karl > Try it next year. 😀

    Franca > Evil? I don’t see any evil? LOL!

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  • vickie

    er I cant watch both star wars and adult content via DOS. It says ‘telnet’ is not recognized as an internal or external command , operable or bath file.

  • vickie > o? That’s weird, what OS are you using then? Try using other telnet client like PuTTY

  • johnny

    will get virus o not?

  • vickie

    erm I tried to use different OS. WindowsXP look not problem on it except Windows Vista. Windows Vista cant display the penis

    Good job Steve!

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  • johnny > This penis is virus free la! LOL!

    vickie > Maybe you didn’t enable telnet in vista. Read here. to enable it. Hope this helps. 😀

  • Just visit your weblog and got to know this post.
    Today i also write a post how to add in adult content search engine in Firefox to find some adult video,almost similar with this post.

    Nice to meet you.

  • vista cant watch… only XP works,…

    lol… only penis..i tough they can do until can see both person uh ah in there…

  • WongSK > Cool what! Thanks for the info. ( Mouth watering… )

    iCalvyn > aiyo, calvyn, u, vickie and Deimos are alike la…. Hamsap! LOL!

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  • Will try it… lets whats the diff between watching in command prompt and in any media player….