9 Must-Have Firefox Extensions for Facebook Addict


In my previous post, we have seen a total of 11 awesome Greasemonkey scripts for Facebook. These scripts enhance your Facebook experience by add different features and functionality to Facebook. Today we are still talking about enhancing your Facebook experience, but using Firefox extension.

9 Must Have Firefox Extensions For Facebook Addict

Here, I compiled a list of 9 must-have Firefox extensions for Facebook Addict. Please take a look. 🙂

1. Facebook Chat History Manager : Facebook Chat doesn’t allow you to store your chat conversations. With Facebook Chat History Manager, you can save all your Facebook conversations locally in Firefox. Your chat messages are securely stored with password protection.

View Facebook Chat Messages

2. ArchiveFacebook : ArchiveFacebook allows you to save content from your Facebook account directly to your hard drive. Contents that can be archived are your photos, messages, activity stream, friends list, notes, events, groups and info.

Archive Facebook

3. Boost for Facebook : Customize your Facebook experience with 300+ skins, 30+ features, rollover pics, selectable options, one-click pokes, video downloader and more!

4. Facebook Video : Facebook Video allows you to download Facebook videos, convert Facebook videos and embed the videos on other sites. It adds download video, convert video, embed video and customize code links to Facebook video pages. Also available as Greasemonkey script.

How to Download Videos from Facebook?

5. Facebook ChatBar + : Display a collection of emoticons at the top of all of your chat windows that you can click to insert into the text for a simpler way to experience emoticons in Facebook chat. Also available as Greasemonkey script.

Add Emoticon List in Facebook Chat Window

6. Facebook Photo Album Downloader : Save your time from manually download a single photo at a time from your friends’ album. Facebook PAD allows you to download your friends’ entire Facebook albums, Events albums, and Group Albums with just a mouse click.

Facebook Photo Album Downloader

7. Facebook Toolbar : Facebook Toolbar allows you to search Facebook from anywhere, notifies you of new pokes, friend requests, messages, event invitations, and group invitations you have. In addition, you can check out your friends’ profile pictures and statuses with ease plus share interesting content/webpage on Facebook with just a click of button.

Facebook Toolbar

8. Fire Facebook Sidebar : Explore Facebook photos, notes, events, groups and links in a tree view in sidebar. This extension checks for updates in realtime and the unread new updates will be marked red. Note : You need to have Facebook Toolbar installed first.

Fire Facebook Sidebar

9. Facebook #Buffer : This extension lets you remove the buffering video so you don’t have to refresh the page you’re at.

Remove Facebook Video Buffer

Did miss out any other Firefox extension for Facebook? Please let know in your comment.

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