Get Your Facebook Account Protected 24/7 with BitDefender Safego


With over 500 millions internet users currently using Facebook, there is no surprise that the cybercriminals have targeted the most popular social networking as their main platform to attack and cause damages to the Facebook users.

BitDefender Safego Beta is a free app for Facebook which uses BitDefender’s sophisticated scanning technology to safeguard your Facebook profile from personal information leaks, malicious links and other threats that spread through messages, wall posts and videos.

Bitdefender Safego is easy to use. Through a simple interface, the BitDefender Safego application checks the user’s privacy levels and identifies personal information that’s visible to strangers.

Simply click on the “Scan Now” button to get BitDefender Safego to scan your Facebook’s wall, message inbox and comments for malicious links and compromised shared content like videos and pictures.

By using the BitDefender Safego app, users will receive the following benefits:

  • Privacy protection – users are warned when they should modify their Facebook privacy settings so personal information isn’t exposed
  • Automatic scanning –users simply press the “scan now” button to get a snapshot of their Facebook security status
  • 24/7 protection – Facebook accounts are protected even when users are not logged in to Facebook
  • Protection for friends – users will have the ability to warn their friends about infected links in their Facebook accounts

I’ve protected my Facebook account using Bitdefender Safego. Now, it’s your turn.  🙂

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Steve Yu is a technology blogger with ten years blogging experience under his belt. He is the founder of or just MTQ.