First Payment from Infolinks


Infolinks LogoIt took me almost one and half year to earn my first hundred bucks from Google Adsense. Tell you what, one and half year is way too long time to see results (in this case, the money!). Gladfully, Infolinks didn’t let me wait for another one and half year to get my first payment. I signed up for Infolinks on March 3 this year and after just half year, I finally broke the minimum USD 100 payout figure on August and successfully received my first Infolinks payment on October 1 via paypal.

This is the proof of payment for my earnings of August 2009.

First Payment from Infolinks

If you are wondering what is Infolinks,  I can tell you that it is probably the best PPC in-text advertising program for your website. Infolinks serves in-text ads similar to Kontera. Before using Infolinks, I served Kontera ads. Unfortunately, I never hit the minimum payout figure. 🙁 So I gave up on Kontera and try Infolinks. To my surprise, Infolinks really converts well. I earns higher revenue from Infolinks than Kontera. Thumb up for Infolinks. 🙂

So what’s your experience with Infolinks? How long did it took you to get the first payment? And if you haven’t try Infolinks, give it a try. Totally recommended money making program!

Steve Yu is a technology blogger with ten years blogging experience under his belt. He is the founder of or just MTQ.
  • How come PayPal didn’t charged any fee for the payment ? You must darken the content text color a bit.

    • It’s good that paypal didn’t charged any fee. 🙂

  • Congrats Steve! I am sure you will start receiving fatter payments every month from now on. All the very best!

    • I still have long journey to go. Anyway, it is good to earn extra money from Infolinks, so that I don’t depends too much on Adsense.

  • Hey Steve! I think Adsense took a long time to complete its first 100$ because you were trying to build an Audience for your Blog that time..But now you are quite stable in this field and you have a steady audience so, your Infolinks payment came soon…Good going anyways…your Adsense earnings per month are also rising now!

    • Yeah, can’t agree more with you. When the audience or the traffic are consistent and increasing steadily, the money from adsense and infolinks will flow in much easier. Now, I am thinking about joining Tribalfusion. But first I need to get at least 5k visitors everyday, that’ll mean at least 150k unique visitors per month. Now, I have 40k + visitors per month which means the still a long journey to go.

  • I am with you. Even i dropped out from kontera and started Infolinks 4-5 months. I am making good money compared to Kontera.
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    • I have to thank you, Nihar. Because I first came to know about infolinks from you. You mentioned about infolinks earning on your blog and you said that you’ve earned more with infolinks than kontera. That’s why I gave it a try.

  • I know how it feels when you get check from such program. Even I was feeling good when they send me first payment . Though I still not sure how they operate their affiliate sales .. 🙁
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    • Yes, it’s really feel good to receive the payment. And I am really envy with you, you really earn good money from the internet. Currently, I am wondering when can I get my first payment from Clickbank. Still struggling to hit the minimum payout.

  • Congratulations. Even though it was a long time ago I can still remember the first money I got from an affiliate program in Sweden. Great feeling.
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    • Yes, definitely feels good. I also remembered the very first money I’ve made from my first blogspot blog two years ago. It was not much but it’s really great to earn it at that time.

  • Lol. Just like you, it took me months to get my first payment from infolinks. Let’s say I just want to make sure that they pay. After receiving my first payment, I implemented infolinks to all my websites. Let’s see how long ’til I get my second payment.
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