Windows System Tray Cleanup Tool


Want to keep your system tray clean but don’t know which tray icon to remove? System Tray Cleaner is an online tool that helps you remove unwanted icons from your Windows system tray. It shows a description of each icon, identifies the program which displays the icon and gives you the option to terminate the program, uninstall the program or simply remove it from startup.

After installation, System Tray Cleaner will sit at the system tray. Click on the tray icon to begin sending your system tray icons to the server. This tool will extract information about each icon and display it on a webpage. The main page shows brief information about each icon.

System Tray Cleanup Tool

To see complete details or learn more about a particular tray icon, simply click on that icon.

Show Details for Each System Tray Icon

If you feel that a particular tray icon is unnecessary, you can take the following actions. You can either terminate the program, remove the program from your startup or simply uninstall the tray application.

Remove Clutter From System Tray

System Tray Cleaner works on Windows XP, 2003, Vista and 7.

Download System Tray Cleaner

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