Adorable USB Speakers You Would Crazy For


Adorable USB Powered SpeakerForget the classic designed speakers and check this out, the adorable USB powered speakers. They are simply cute and would be another perfect gifts for girls on special days. Trust me, the girls will extremely LOVE it! Some of the speakers may lack in sound quality but they are enough to win the heart of your loves one and even kids love them. Agree? Okay, let meet our adorable USB powered speakers.

1. Winnie The Pooh

Everyone favorite.

Winnie The Pooh USB Speaker
2. Lilo and Stitch

Stitch USB Speaker
3. Lovely Puppy

Lovely Puppy USB Speaker
4. Cute Bears

Teddy Bear USB Speaker
5. Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty USB Speaker

6. Sleeping Pigs

Sleeping Pigs USB Speaker
7. Lovely Piglets

Lovely Pigs USB Speaker
8. Mad Dogs

Don’t get your cat too near to the mad dogs. They bite!

Mad Dog USB Speaker
9. Dolphin

Dolphin USB Speaker

P.S. : There are so many to pick, so which speaker do you like the most?

Links : ChipChick, Gadget-a-Day , Akihabara

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  • sue

    Love the Winnie the Pooh, we have an old, old Winnie that we take traveling with us! Pooh hits the road!

  • And

    Hello… very interactive ways to deliver attractive stuff… Is cute the speaker but i think at Korea they had much more nicer and attractive speaker + microphone… i saw it in Korea movie and it isn’t the news stuff.. Anyway i prefer the mad dog hahaha!!!!

  • Amit

    Nice stuff I think Im gonna have one of these for my little sister’s Laptop.

  • Steve Yu

    Hi, sue, and, amit.

    pooh is everyone favorite. 🙂

    don’t get bite by the mad dog!

    your little sister will love it!

  • Iced Nyior

    the stitch one is cute

  • Bendever Gerona

    Stitch looks so adorable. I think I’m gonna buy one

  • sara

    i like the stitch, how to buy it?

    • We have no idea where to buy it. Sorry. 🙁