Download Guide to iOS 5 ebook for Free


The next generation of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 5 was released on Wednesday, October 12. It comes with over 200 new features for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, which includes Newsstand, Reminders, iMessage, WiFi sync, Find My Friends, split keyboards, AirPlay mirroring for iPad 2, iCloud service and the Notification Center.

With so many new features that you’re getting into in iOS 5, there must be a lot things to learn about iOS 5. To cut down the learning process, the people over MakeUseOf are so generous to offer you free download of their latest ebook focusing on the iOS 5, “Using iOS: Your Guide to the Latest and Greatest Mobile Operating System“.

The 16-page free guide is written by Lachlan Roy. It shows you :

  • What iOS 5 is, and which devices you can use it on
  • New features in iOS 5, from reminders to Twitter integration
  • Mastering the new, Android-style dashboard
  • Using the new messaging to send texts for free over WiFi, even from an iPod touch
  • Device-specific features, from Siri to
  • iCloud: what it is and what it does

Download Using iOS: Your Guide to the Latest and Greatest Mobile Operating System

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