From Blogger to WordPress…. Soon!


I have think for a while before I come to this decision, that is to transfer my blog from Blogger platform to WordPress platfrom. I am glad that finally I’ve decided to switch to wordpress (about 5 months blogging on Blogger). Soon, it will be the time to kiss goodbye to Blogger!

So talking about wordpress, I am learning it now… slowly. A little challenging for me! Oh yes, a lot of new information for me to swallow. And about the domain name and web hosting, I already bought my domain name, not or because someone has bought the domain name before me! So I get another domain name. On the second thought, I think I have made a mistake in getting the domain name first, I should have bought the web hosting plus the domain name together in the same package. Okay, I’ve learned from my mistake.

Which web hosting to choose?
This issue is currently playing on my mind, which web hosting should I get? (or which web hosting company offered the best web hosting package but at a much lower price? I am short of money, that’s why I used Blogger in the first place) On my preferred list now is dreamhost. But I am willing to hear any better recommendations from you.

WordPress plugins? Help me pick!
Picking the right plugins for my wordpress blog is making me headache. So I am interested to learn what plugins that you installed on your blog.

Who have transferred from blogger to wordpress before?
If there anyone who have the experience of transferring their blog from blogger to wordpress? Is there any issues occurred or difficulties during the transfer?

If everything goes on smoothly, my blog will have a new home by next month (hopefully).

Steve Yu is a technology blogger with ten years blogging experience under his belt. He is the founder of or just MTQ.
  • pablopabla

    Hi Steve!

    Email to me and I will give you all the details. Too much to mention here lah. I have migrated from blogspot to wordpress on some blogs and now blog from both. I must say that wordpress is far better. And if you want to know which host, email me lah!

  • Michael Aulia

    WordPress is so much better, you won’t regret it! (I once moved from Blogger with skepticism too)

    Which host? Lunarpages! I’ve been with them for years and never regret it!
    Even during the recent hiccups, they still provide the best service and most understanding among all! (

  • Kamigoroshi

    There is a rule about choosing webhosts, fast, reliable, cheap, pick two. Fast and reliable webhosts don’t come cheap. That being said, the best way to reduce the cost webhosts is to share them out. That’s what I used to do in the beginning before I started getting hosted for free.

    Dreamhost is good, but they oversell their servers. A Small Orange and Lunar Pages are good hosts. More so if you share it with a friend.

    As for plugins. I use over 50 plugins for my WordPress run blog. Since I also alpha and beta test WordPress nightlies, I can tell you one thing about plugins. Use ONLY what you need.

    The thing about WordPress is that because you have absolute control, you should already know what you want to do with your blog. So know what you want to do with it, and you can find the right plugins accordingly.

    Otherwise, you’ll have a lot of trouble updating your plugins you don’t really need. Especially in newer versions of WordPress (not security patches).

    Being on Blogger a long time ago and having worked on migrating a lot of blogs, it’s pretty easy I can say, especially if you follow the documentation properly and you didn’t hack your Blogger codes much. There is no reason for any complication. Just don’t skip any steps and you’ll be fine.

  • Dunn

    While I was in your position, I found several posts suggesting HostGator for the webhost. And that’s what I’m using now. Here’s my post about it :

  • Steve Yu

    hello, thanks you all the responses. I am hoping for more and more opinions and suggestions from you guys.

    pablopabla > I have emailed you. Can’t wait for the details. Agree, wordpress is better in term of control and customization.

    michael aulia > I don’t know, I just scared to do the migration. LOL! I will put lunarpages in my list, lunarpages offers good package also. 🙂

    kamigoroshi > Thanks for the long explanation. Okay, I am ready to put more money for fast and reliable webhost. Compare to blogger, wordpress has way more plugins to choose from, that’s what give me headache.

    dunn > hostgator, okay I will consider it. Thanks!

  • Deimos Tel`Arin

    Go for

    You can’t get any better local deals that this. LYN is using this web host as well.

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    Try and beat that.

  • make money online

    they say wordpress is better than blogger.. I do plan to get my own domain at wordpress too.. i don’t know yet.. but do blog about your experience with wordpress. Make Money Online

  • Steve Yu

    deimos tel’arin > I think I will go for oversea webhost.

    make money online > Oh yeah, you should get your own domain too asap.

  • New Trendy

    so have you decided which blog platform do you want to use?

    you may interested to read 20 popular blog platform here
    let make the blogsphere merrier

  • iCalvyn

    transfer is easy, just import all the topic from your blogger…

    i have done before for my friend blog

  • Steve Yu

    new trendy > you can see it clear from the title, it’s wordpress! 🙂

    icalvyn > Hopefully everything is fine, with the blogger redirector plugin around, I have nothing to worry.

  • Welcome to the WordPress world, it’s definitely better than Blogger.

    As for plugins, there are so many out there, you need to decide what you want first than begin searching for it, or browse through some plugins to get and idea of what you would like.

    The usual plugins needed are:

    Contact form
    Feedburner Feedsmith
    Most Popular (by Alex king)

    Thanks for using my theme by the way, and that “Most Popular” plugin will ensure you popular posts appear below on your footer under “Popular Entries”

  • Free wordpress accounts do not allow Adsense!

  • Karl > Ya, I know that. But then I am hosting my blog on a self-hosted WordPress blog. 😀 So no problem to me.