BlogBackupr – Another Blog Backup Web Service


I have covered about BlogBackupOnline some time ago. Well, BlogBackupOnline is not the only blog backup service available online. It has a friend, named BlogBackupr. Basically, these two blog backup services are quite similar. So you may want to choose only one blog backup service to do the backup.

Backup Blog Online
Here is several items to take note about BlogBackupr.

  • BlogBackupr works for all blogs that have a RSS-feed (Blogger and WordPress’s blog are included)
  • The backup will include all posts, comments and categories
  • Doesn’t backup media files e.g. images and blog template. (This service may available in the future.)
  • Will automatically performs a daily incremental backup
  • You can export your blog to desktop in XML, HTML or TXT format.
  • Support automatic restore to your Blogger or WordPress blog.

Backup Blog OnlineThe Dashboard

Which one do I Choose?
The features offer by both BlogBackupOnline and BlogBackupr are similar except that BlogBackupOnline supports media files backup while the other doesn’t. So that’s what differentiate both services. So, I go for BlogBackupOnline.

And you?

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