Uninstall Multiple Android Apps At Once with Easy Uninstaller


It is kinda slow to uninstall Android app from your phone’s Settings when you have bunch of applications to get rid of, because you can only uninstall one app at a time. The good news is there is a third-party app that enables you to batch uninstall Android apps. Introducing the Easy Uninstaller for Android!

Using Easy Uninstaller, you can easily and quickly uninstall multiple apps from your Android phone or tablet in one go.

The main interface shows all the installed apps, along with details like app version, installation date and the size of the app, on your device. Note that the apps shown are limited to those downloaded from the Google Play. You will not see any pre-installed apps (or system apps) in the list, simply because these apps cannot be removed from the system.

Batch Uninstall Android Apps Batch Uninstall Android Apps

To uninstall multiple apps, simply scroll through the apps list, check the apps that you want to uninstall and then tap on the “Uninstall Selected Apps” button. Besides that, you can search for app to uninstall using the provided search box.

Moreover, you can sort the apps by simply tap on Menu > Sort. A long tap on specified app will reveal a context menu which provides options to view app details, share app, search the app in Google Play store and more.

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