Jailbreak Tool for Windows RT tablets


A member of XDA Developers Forum, Netham45 has created a small all-in-one program to jailbreak Windows RT tablets back in January this year. This small tool now carries version 1.20 as the time of writing.

Windows Surface RT

RT Jailbreak Tool (that’s the name of the tool) allows Windows RT users to run unsigned desktop apps on their ARM-based tablets. As we all know, Windows RT only supports software and applications that are purchased from Windows Store. Many commercial software that used to run on older versions of Windows are not supported by Windows RT. Even software for Windows 8 are not supported by Windows RT.

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Running the jailbreak tool doesn’t mean that you can simply run any kind of desktop applications on Windows RT. Software applications must be recompiled for ARM before you can run them on Windows RT tablets. Check this thread to see the list of all currently known compiled apps. Note that there is no way to port commercial applications to Windows RT.

Download RT Jailbreak Tool

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