WeatherBar Puts Weather Forecasts in Your Windows 7 Taskbar

WeatherBar is a simple yet interesting application for Windows that integrates the weather forecasts with your Windows 7 taskbar. It allows you to quickly access the forecast details directly from the taskbar.

WeatherBar is portable, therefore requires no installation. Simply extract the WeatherBar2.exe from the zip file and run the executable file after extraction.

The main window shows the weather forecast for four days and the weather information includes the temperature (day high and low), humidity and wind speed. However, the weather forecast is only available for locations in the US country.

If you minimize the main window, right-clicking the WeatherBar taskbar icon will bring up the context menu, which shows you the simplified version of the four-day forecast.

You can also get information from the taskbar icon itself. The icon changes based on the weather, while the progress indicator fills up to reflect the humidity.

Download WeatherBar to check the weather forecasts on the fly from your Windows 7 taskbar.

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    November 30, 2010 at 12:11 am

    just great, standalone app, no installation.. here another cool app that change your wallpaper according to the weather changeChange Wallpaper Automatically When Weather Change

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