Speed Test and Error Checking Your USB Drive with Check Flash


Check Flash

Check Flash is a lightweight Windows tool that allows you to test and format your USB drives. Using Check Flash, you are able to manage your USB flash drives by performing different maintenance tests on it.

Check Flash requires no installation. You just need to run the executable file. On the main window of Check Flash, you can find various maintenance tests under the Action Type section such as read stability test, write and read test, full erase, save image and load image.

This portable freeware can determines the read and write speed of your USB drive and also checks your USB drive for errors. Besides, Check Flash can be used to clean any evidence of activity on your USB drive by formatting it. Also, you can use Check Flash to save and load an image of the files on your USB drive for backup purposes.

Check Flash is a nice tool to check the health and performance of your USB drive. Give it a try! 🙂

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