Repair and Fix Windows 10 problems with FixWin 10


If you are having issues with Windows 10 such as Wi-fi not working after upgrading to Windows 10, Start menu or Windows Store apps can’t be opened etc, fret not, as these problems can be easily solved with the help of FixWin 10.

The portable yet lightweight tool helps you to fix and repair various Windows 10 problems, issues and annoyances.

Fix and Repair Windows 10 Issues

The fixes have been categorized under 6 tabs – File Explorer, Internet & Connectivity, Windows 10, System Tools, Troubleshooters and Additional Fixes.

The Windows 10 tab offers the following fixes.

  • Having problem downloading Apps from Store. Clear and reset Store cache
  • The Application wasn’t installed from Windows Store. Error Code: 0x8024001e
  • Windows Store apps not opening. Re-register all apps
  • Reset Settings app. Settings doesn’t launch
  • Disable OneDrive. OneDrive runs in background and syncs huge amount of files.
  • Repair corrupt Windows Component Store
  • Start Menu doesn’t work or doesn’t open in Windows 10
  • Wi-fi doesn’t work after upgrading to Windows 10
  • Windows Updates stuck downloading updates after upgrading

To fix an issue, simply click on the corresponding Fix button. If you want to fix Windows 10 problem manually, click on the ? button for instruction.

Fix and Repair Windows 10 Issues - Manual Instructions

FixWin 10 is portable and free for download. It’s compatible with Windows 10. For safety purpose, you are strongly suggested to create a System Restore point before running FixWin 10, plus please apply at most one fix at a time and restart your computer.

Download FixWin 10

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