How to Show Only Icons in Windows XP and Vista Taskbar?


In Windows 7, the new taskbar aka Superbar is re-designed to look cleaner where the Superbar shows only icon for each application’s running window. In Windows XP and Vista, we have the text label of the running application displayed next to the icon, in the taskbar.

If you want to have the same feature as in Windows 7, meaning that you want your Windows XP or Vista to show only icons in the taskbar, you can try Taskbaric. Taskbatic is a freeware Windows application that helps you to iconize the Windows taskbar buttons.

Iconize Taskbar Buttons in Windows XP and Vista

Taskbaric is a portable utility.  So there is no installation required. After download, just unzip the zip archive file. Then, double click to run the taskbaric.exe file. After a short while, you will see the changes on your taskbar. To undo the effect, simply run the executable file again.

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This application does not stay in memory, and it does not modify any system files. Taskbaric works on both Windows XP and Vista.

Download Taskbaric

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