How to Remove Infected Autorun.inf File from Your Pen Drive?


I always try to avoid using my pen drive on the computer in my campus. From my past experience, almost every time after bringing back my pen drive from the computer lab, my anti-virus will detects a virus in my “autorun.inf” file. Some of you might have this kind experience. Once your USB drive is infected by this virus, you can’t open your drive correctly with double-clicks.

Your Anti-virus program will removes the virus but often, the infected “autorun.inf” file remains in your pen drive. So, this leave you with two choices, one is to format it and two is to access your drive with right-click > Open. If you choose not to format it, you will have a hard time accessing your pen drive. It is frustrating because this stubborn autorun.inf file can’t be disinfect by your Anti-virus program. But worry no more because Autorun Eater will make you happier.

Autorun Eater – Scan and Remove Suspicious “autorun.inf” Files Automatically

Scan and Remove Suspicious “autorun.inf” Files Automatically

Autorun Eater is a freeware Windows application that removes any suspicious “autorun.inf” files even before you attempts to access the drive. I have tried Autorun Eater on my infected pen drive and the infected “autorun.inf” file was successfully removed almost instantly after I plugged my pen drive into my laptop.

So if your pen drive having the same problem, you seriously need Autorun Eater. Try it now!

Download Autorun Eater Now | 984KB

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  • Great tools, this tools are no use for me, but is very useful for all my friend who get this virus.

    Normally I just delete the virus with ms-dos with some command, but not all people know this trick…lol

    My Sifu said people charging RM30 to RM50 with clearing this virus. Now with this software… they hard to earn leaving already….hahaha

  • seriously not only pendrive, hard disk also can infected by this virus. probably i can try it out, since recently i have a friend who ask me for help on this… can take their PC as experiment

  • Wow, can’t believe people are making money just by removing the virus. Like that I also want to do this business la. Hehe…. $$$$

  • Great tool for techies! I have been lucky enough to not have my USB drive infected, but I’m sure it will eventually considering all the computers I stick it into. Thanks!

  • vickie

    hehe so far din affected this before. but I always affect other things. wakakka you inspired me to write the post jor 😀 hehe thank you

  • Nice tool. All these viruses and trojans are created by sick people.

  • vickie > Is it? what post that I inspired you to write then? 😀

    Kitkat > Ya, these viruses are nothing but trouble.

  • Great find buddy. My pen drive often gets infected and sometime when i try to remove the Autorun file, i get an error saying “cannot find file” although it is present. This will help me a lot.

  • Awesome find buddy! I’ve also tried to remove that autorun.inf from my pen drive, but always get the error. Thanks for the tip 🙂

  • Need to be really careful where you stick your pendrive to minimize virus infection. Use a condom if possible before your stick into unknown pussies. Wakakakakakaka…

  • Madhur Kapoor , Haris Nadeem > Glad you found it useful 😀

    Kitkat > LOL… great analogy you used. 😀

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  • use linux bro.

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  • Thanks for the plug. Just for your info, we have just released Autorun Eater v2.3.

    For more info you can visit our official blog. Thank you! 🙂

    Old McDonalds last blog post..Autorun Eater v2.3

  • mahakal

    QuickHeal Antivirus can catch this autorun virus.

  • Moin

    The problem is that I get the autorun.inf file each time I connect my External HD to my PC and this program gives me a message saying that an error happined and the program cant delete it …

  • me

    the program fails…
    it does absolutely nothing