How to Make USB Pen Drive Bootable?

I still remembered few months back, a friend of mine asked me to repair her Windows. The problem was her CD-ROM was not functioning. Therefore, I couldn’t boot from the Windows XP bootable CD. I did think about copying the file from the XP cd to my pen drive and boot from my USB pen drive. But how can I booted from my USB pen drive when the pen drive itself was not bootable? That’s a few months old story. 

If today my friend comes again to me with the same problem, I will be happy to help because now I know how to make USB pen drive bootable. MakeBootable is a freeware application that turns your USB pen drives into a bootable media with just a single click.  This nifty utility makes your pen drive to be bootable without erasing any data in the USB device.

Make Bootable USB Pen Drive

MakeBootable consists of a single executable file and requires no installation. To use MakeBootable, run the MakeBootable executable file. On the main window, select the USB device you wish to make bootable. Click on the “Make Bootable” button to begin the process. The program will load several files required for boot up into your device.

Next, you need to change the boot-up setting in the system BIOS. With your USB device still plugged, restart your system. Enter the BIOS setup menu and change the boot device setting. Select USB Device as First Boot device in the boot device priority. If the boot-up files are created in the USB drive, select USB-HDD or USB-ZIP (preferred). If the boot-up files are created in the floppy drive of your device, select USB-FDD (for pen drive that supports security mode).

Once done, save and exit the BIOS setup. Now, you should be able to boot up with your USB device.

MakeBootable run perfectly on Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP.

Note : Before running MakeBootable, if your USB pen drive is under FAT32 and NTFS file system format, you need to convert the format to FAT. MakeBootable does not support FAT32 and NTFS file systems.

Steve Yu is a technology blogger with seven years blogging experience under his belt. He is the founder of or just MTQ.
  • Nihar

    Thanks for the tip.

    • sachin

      any person help me for bootable pen drive

      • amit kumar

        plz give me ans,how i can create bootable pen drive and installation using with pendrive

        • HONEY

          Simply lift your PC and throw it out of your house.
          You will be get rid of this problem….

      • http://nowebsite ashutosh tiwari

        how can make usb pen drive bootable

  • http://howtomakeapendrivebootable priya

    where we will find the bootable executable file

    • ahmed

      i want my pen drive bootable.
      pls write step

    • sonu

      hello sir plz help me to make a booteble pen drive

    • rahul dev singh

      just click on make bootable which is upper side of this page in blue where u will find freeware application or make bootable software to make bootable ur pendrive………..

      ok ……..

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  • Bootable pen derive

    I want to make my pen derive bootable..I search in google but i cann’t success.So if any one know how can i make our pen derive bootable,pls help me.

  • sridhar

    sorry this setup (makebootable) works for only phesons chip
    than how it will work for all chips
    its simply dust software

  • manju

    I converted PEN DRIVE FAT 32 to FAT and tryed to make a bootable but it is showing device not found.

  • avanish

    It works well only with usb drives using FAT system but now a days most of the pendrives use NTFS system and it’s difficult format them using FAT system.

    I have tried but failed.

  • parveen

    can i install window with the use of pendrive only?

  • Daksh

    Hi.. Sir..
    i just want to make booteble pen drive. so in that case wich file we must be Download fome net.
    i want to just creat pen drive bootebl. give Idea please…


  • irfan….

    please help me to make my transcend 2.0 pen drive bootable,

    please do mail me in my id (

  • Gaurav

    I want to make my pen derive bootable..I search in google but i cann’t success.So if any one know how can i make our pen derive bootable,pls help me

  • rakhi


    Someone help me. I am unable to make the bootable pendrive, i fellow the step i cant getting bootable pendrive.

    .-= Check out rakhi´s latest blog post ..TuneUp Utilites 2010 Review =-.

    • amol

      hi friends u know how to make any storage device bootable ?

      i know that


      files is present in your storage device in perfect location then and then only ur
      device is bootable.
      This software locate these two files in perfect location and make your device bootable.
      ur friend amol patil (9028515387) from india

  • harry

    How i convert my pendrive from FAT32 to FAT format….

  • Sunil Kothari

    I convert PEN DRIVE FAT 32 to FAT and tryied to make a bootable but it is showing device not found.

  • aditya shukla

    hell sir
    I want to make my pen derive bootable..I search in google but i cann’t success.So if any one know how can i make our pen derive bootable,pls help me.

  • sk

    I format PEN DRIVE and tryed to make a bootable but it is showing device not found

  • Mansingh

    is it possible to convert it back to non bootable??

    • azhar ali buttar

      Yes, use the same software and convert it backup to FAT32 if the original file system was FAT32
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  • azhar ali buttar

    There is another maybe very easy (For me it is) software can be download from internet named win2flash is available and I personally tested this thing on windows xp, 2003 and windows 7.

    • Steve Yu

      I will try it out.

  • srikanth

    ya i done this process but it didnot booting with pen drive . The message is comming like this there is no bootable partition table not found send answer to my email.

  • http://mytechrequest,google ajay kv

    my problem was hw to make a pendrive bootable. nw i dont hv such a problem …. thanku for providing me a proper solution…………..ajay

  • chandrak

    I Have not any bootable device so i want a bootable pen drive.but i not

  • shashank tyagi

    I Have not any bootable device so i want a bootable pen drive.but i not

  • sita

    I want to make my pen drive bootable.
    I have searched a lots of time in google but I didn’t make it possible , so would you ples help to get out of my problem.


    well thakssssssssssssssssss.

  • kostic

    hey . it doesnt recognise my usb drive . even it is fat format. ( using windows 7 32-bit)

  • Anukul

    Does “Make Bootable” work in Windows Vista?
    Please help.
    Send the replies at

  • hero

    hi bro thanks for sharing this nice info with us i ll try it today


    I wana make my pen booteble plz reply me

  • Techni4

    thanks for sharing this nice info with us
    .-= Check out Techni4´s latest blog post ..Make USB Pen Drive Bootable =-.

  • Ramesh shiyani

    good afternoon
    i am convert my pendrive into fat16.
    how can i done this?
    please give your suggestion

  • readyways

    Don’t work even for FAT or FAT32 system.And this software called make bootable is no better than win2flash.Anyway keep posting new material man .

  • Tomi

    Oh lol on screenshot is mine usb stick….i hope it will work…

  • amit

    it has too much of restrictions and it doesn’t even work FAT systems.

  • rajesh

    my kingston g2 8gb pen drive right protect can’t format please tell me how to format?
    mail me your answer(

  • yogesh pratap singh

    Does it requires any special s/w to make pen drive bootable.

  • Faizy

    i want to make a bootable pendrive for window XP

  • gautam

    i want to update my notebook windows to windows7.i dnt have CD rom in it….

  • naveen

    thanks for ideas on bootable pendrive….

  • Dinesh

    Hi, I tried it but failed. error is Device not foun.
    please suggest what next

  • http://Yahoo Lovely Singla

    plz send method of make bootable device and how to convert fat to ntfs pendrive

  • anoop

    actully there is a problem that is when i m clicking make bootable button it gives a error that ‘device not found’. i checked my device but still i get this prob . please tell me the solution…
    thenk u sir

  • rupesh

    dude , give some idea that support NTFS file format for making a USB Bootable device

  • Deepti Shakya

    it’s not suffficent information about the bootable pendrive……………..

  • Bollywood

    Making a pen drive bootable is not so easy, it depends on a lot of other factors, and a large percent of who try to do it fail in the end.

  • rajesh

    how can i make bootable pen drive

  • rajesh

    pl tell me how i make a pen drive bootable for xp and windows 7

  • rajeevkumar singh

    how can i change a bootable cd into bootable pendrive,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • http://google lokesh

    Dear Sir

    I want to make my pen derive bootable..I search in google but i cann’t success.So if any one know how can i make our pen derive bootable,pls help me.

  • http://google avadesh pandey

    Dear Sir

    I want to make my pen derive bootable..I search in google but i cann’t success.So if any one know how can i make our pen derive bootable,pls help me.

  • mahananda

    Dear Sir

    I want to make my pen derive bootable..I search in google but i cann’t success.So if any one know how can i make our pen derive bootable,pls help me.

  • zahid

    how can i make pendrive bootable ?
    i did’n undrstand suggestion u gave. Is there any software used to make bootable pendrive……
    please inform me on my email address……………(Z***)

  • sangamesh

    i will try but showing device not found

  • Sami Uddin Qureshi

    Error “make device bootable failed: device not found” Please help me how can make bootable pen drive. my pen drive is FAT Format. please help me

  • Heureux A Jamais

    You should try this software “WinSetupFromUSB” , by which you can easily create your pen drive bootable.
    Firstly save your data from pen drive and run the s/w, select the folder of O/S setup files. Then select the usb disk, Target disk type removable and then ok.
    it will format your pen drive and copy the OS file in USB. then simply restart your PC. and select boot divice from USB, and set will start.

  • Isaac Osei

    My pen drive is given an error “Right protected” while i want to format, what is the problem and the solution for it

  • Akku

    Thanks For The INfo I amde my usb booting. Thanks again.

  • Jwala Singh

    how to make Pan Drive Bootable Plz?? Help Me

  • http://no vikash

    hi my name is vikash.i want to know how to do xp in pen drive .plese help me.

  • raju vishwakarma

    daemon tools lite through u can make pen drive boot able and format any system

  • dina

    As for i’m using on Mac Protemac logonKey. It creates bootable usb for logging in.

  • hariom

    how to make pen drive bootable dives plz…….
    help me any

  • nitin khare

    how i can make a pen drive bootable please send a not in id……..

  • Amrish Singh

    Hi, where to download the software

  • Danish

    my pen drive was not responding when i connect to my pc.. i was very worried.. i was searching on internet to get any solution fo this.. there i came across there was this no. 855-230-6145. i called to this no. and now my pen drive again have life..

  • kunal

    how to get bootable pen drive

  • BABU

    Anyone say – how to format a drive using \USB drive in DOS mode ??????????

    • mkamil25

      write the command in dos -:
      format a:(where a is the drive name)

  • niraj

    i want to know how to make a bootable pen drive
    plz help me

  • Anshul

    to make bootable pendrive require any type of Softwear
    If,Yes plese email me the download link on given email adress

  • nilesh patel

    plz help me to be bootable pandraiv….

  • Brightax

    desktop of my laptop cannot display and my cd rom is not working.How can i install windows 7 on the laptop?

  • Catherine

    Have you tried FlashBoot to make your USB bootable?
    Using FlashBoot you can convert Windows 7/Vista/XP installation CD/DVD disk to bootable USB disk and install Windows.
    This is what I used and is working great for me

  • jossan

    pls help me
    how to make a bootable pen drive



  • Anto Dominic

    Hey by using that i made my pendrive bootable by long back time but after i worked properly over a period os time i found the scalability and performance problem is this due to this or any other reason behind this.

  • vinita singh

    can i format, if harddisk cantain bad sector?

  • deepak kumar

    plz help me to make my pen drive bootable

  • Ajal

    I can’t use my usb device as botable i need more help . help me out guys

  • A to Z Tutorials Of Technologies !

    Thanks for tips !

  • rajender

    but why dont you mention how to download makebootable software.

  • shatrudhan shah

    how to make a bootable pendrive? plz give me answers

  • Tarang Ranjan Srivastava

    I want to know that how make a USB PEN DRIVE as a BOOTABLE?

  • sagar

    sir, I want to format my pc and install windows7. But my cd writer is not working. Plz help me, can I format with 4GB pendrive?

    • abhishek

      YES u can format it by 4 gb or bove size of pendrive

      u have to search how to make bootable usb in command prompt or wiki how

  • roberrt

    as far as i know..not all the usb can be using as booting device :) and i have some old motherboard that doesnt support usb booting.

  • Bkanil89

    nice advise ……….. thanks dear.