Download Windows 7 Sidebar for Windows XP and Vista

Do you want to have the new Windows 7 style sidebar for your Windows XP and Vista? Thoosje’s Windows 7 sidebar is a free downloadable Windows 7 sidebar that works perfectly on Windows XP and Vista.

Download Windows 7 Sidebar for Windows XP and Vista

This sidebar has gadgets like media players, google search, yahoo search and lots of more search engines. It has also Windows 7 sidebar gadgets like weather and system uptime and lots of more useful gadgets. The sidebar uses 50% less RAM and is faster than the original Microsoft Sidebar with more extras.

For more gadgets, you can browse the Windows Live Gadget library and put them in your sidebar. Don’t worry, the gadgets are compatible with Thoosje’s Windows 7 sidebar.

Download Thoosje’s Windows 7 Sidebar

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  1. Rudy

    September 12, 2009 at 2:47 am

    Why Thoosje’s sidebar? It’s ugly like hell, and you can’t install any gadget from Microsoft Windows Live Gallery on it. The original Vista sidebar is much better and it’s already ported to XP, here is the one for Windows XP :

    And just FYI, actually Windows 7 has no sidebar at all but only “Desktop Gadget Gallery” app.

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