Do More for Less in Business with CDW Cloud Collaboration


CDW is an established company that specializes in offering computers, hardware, software and IT solutions for business in a variety of industries. No matter what’s your business size or technology needs CDW has an expert and solution for you. And recently, the company has added a new CDW Cloud Collaboration solution to its portfolio of technology solutions and services.

What is CDW Cloud Collaboration?

CDW Cloud Collaboration is a new solution that bundles cloud-based Unified Communication (UC) and collaboration tools from Cisco Systems with CDW’s managed services.

CDW Cloud Collaboration

By hosting UC in the cloud, the solution can effectively deliver a wide range of collaboration applications from the cloud to your staff, which include voice, video, voicemail and integrated messaging, presence and instant messaging, mobility services and Web collaboration. Since everything is available on the cloud, your staff can access all the collaboration applications anywhere, any time, on any device.

Although this is a new solution, CDW is not new to UC or to hosting collaboration tools. CDW has completed more than 4,000 Cisco Unified Communication deployments over the past decade. CDW hosts the service at its own Tier III-IV facility. The 485,000-square-foot data center runs 8.2 megawatts of power to support world-class virtualization, storage and optimization services. The components are fully redundant, offering four nines of uptime.

CDW prefers cloud-based UC solution over traditional or on-premise UC solution as the former combines all the benefits of an on-premise solution with the flexibility of the cloud. Delivered on a virtualized architecture, it enables you to support collaboration services without compromising security, flexibility and management or application functionality, thus freeing up your IT staff so they can focus on other initiatives.

Moreover, the cloud provides a mechanism for delivering an integrated mix of collaboration capabilities while addressing drawbacks that are common to traditional UC rollouts. Also, through centralized administration, cloud-based models shift the burden of management to an external service provider. This makes it faster and easier to scale capacity and availability.

Check out the video below to learn more about CDW’s Cloud Collaboration.

Benefits of CDW Cloud Collaboration to Your Company

Cloud Collaboration is the future and hosting UC in the cloud is a winning combination. With an effective collaboration strategy, your staff can accomplish their jobs more successfully (or we say do more with less) and increase their productivity by as much as 50 percent. Besides that, the solution simplifies management – making your staff messages available through one interface, all accessible on one device in real time. When you have a more efficient message management in your company, your staff can save up to 20 minutes of their time daily.

Other key benefits include :

  • The cloud’s pay-as-you-go model eliminates the need to make the upfront capital outlay typically associated with internal technology deployments.
  • An organization can often activate these solutions quickly and achieve extremely rapid time-to-benefit.
  • Running UC components in the cloud offloads responsibilities for ongoing management, software upgrades and troubleshooting to a service provider.
  • Service providers can offer elastic scalability of both capacity and costs so an organization can adapt to changing demands.

And while the cloud may not be the perfect solution for every UC need, selective use of the cloud (known as a hybrid cloud approach) can help make it easier and less expensive to execute a broad, high-impact UC initiative.

Last Words

In addition to Cloud Collaboration and Unified Communication, CDW got a lot more to offer as the company has experts throughout a range of IT solutions. If you want to stay updated with the latest technology or offering from CDW, check out CDW’s Solutions blog.

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