BatterBar Shows Battery Status Meter in Windows Taskbar


BatteryBar is a simple and straight forward battery status meter that monitors and displays the status of your laptop’s battery in the Windows taskbar. It claimed to be one of the most accurate battery meter available and is a good replacement for the Window’s default battery meter.

The most important feature of BatteryBar is the statistical time prediction. As BatteryBar monitors your battery, it keeps historical data on how fast your battery discharges and charges. Using that information, it will calculate a very accurate estimate of how much time is remaining on your battery.

After complete installation, you need to activate the BatteryBar. To activate, right click on the taskbar, click on the Toolbars item and then select BatteryBar.

Battery Status Bar on Windows Taskbar

While discharging or using battery power, the BatteryBar shows the percentage as a horizontal bar, colored green above 35%, yellow between 20% and 35%, and red below 20%. It shows the time remaining in hours and minutes.

While charging, BatteryBar is blue to indicate charging, and displays the amount of time left until the battery is fully charged.

When you mouse over the BatteryBar, a detailed battery information will pop up. From the detailed battery info, you can view the details about your battery including max capacity (mW), current capacity (mW), charge rate (mW), discharge rate (mW), and more.

BatteryBar is designed to work on Windows 2000, XP and Vista.

Download BatteryBar

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  • This is a very useful utility for all Laptop users.