Prison Break, Break Time Over!


Just an off-topic on my blog today because I have no fresh idea on what to blog ( the light bulb inside my head just won’t light up ). After a near to two months break since November last year (thanks to the Writers’ Strike in US), finally Prison Break (that’s my favourite show!) is going to hit the TV screen on 14 January (in US), which is just 5 days ahead from us.

Wow, I just can’t waited to be entertained with the rest of the episodes, episode 9 till 13 (finale) in Season 3. Prison Break will wraps up its season on 18 February. So after the season’s finale, it’s will be again a long wait before Season 4 hits the screen.

So do I have any Prison Break’s fan here?

Here is the upcoming episodes titles and dates of airing

Episode 3.9 – Boxed In
Airs : January 14, 2008

Episode 3.10 – Dirt Nap
Airs : January 21, 2008

Episode 3.11 – Under and Out
Airs: January 28, 2008

Episode 3.12 – Hell or High Water
Airs: February 4, 2008

Episode 3.13 – The Art of the Deal
Airs: February 18, 2008

P.S. : Since I am living in Malaysia, so I going to count on you, uTorrent.

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  • Jasonmumbles

    I hope they really will end the series, its getting lame if they continue to drag on and on.

  • Steve Yu

    ya, i have the same feeling too. Season 1 was terrific but Season 2 onward can’t beat Season 1. Before the series ends, I would like to see how the brothers gonna bring the Company down. Look pretty difficult to bring down such a huge and complex organization.

  • Entrepreneur

    I lost interest after the first series actually. The story had become all too ridiculous.

    You can get bootleg prison break for much cheaper than downloading and taking forever :D. You are in Malaysia after all!

  • Maller

    I really been looking forward to season 3, and I’m sure it will be better then the previous 2. But we want Sara back 😀

  • Steve Yu

    Hi, entrepreneur and maller.

    I guess the main plot of the story is to bring down the company. Getting out of prison is just a tiny plot. I really want to see the end of the company. I don’t know when.

    Sara is not gonna back anymore unless they can perfectly manipulate the script, but it may sound too hard to believe that Sara’s head is a fake one. So bye bye Sara!

  • wankongyew

    Totally jumped the shark during the second season. The conspiracy stuff got really tiresome and the plot lines unrealistic. Teabag killing people with just one hand was particularly ridiculous.