May 2008 Monthly Highlights


Time fly so fast and now we are in the month of June. Before I proceed with new blog posts, let me give a little shout to the My Tech Quest’s top 5 most popular posts for the month of May 2008.

The traffic for this month has dropped drastically as compared to April’s traffic. Reason? Because the traffic from Stumble Upon (SU) which contribute the most traffic to my blog, has dropped. I know I shouldn’t rely on SU or any other social bookmarking sites for traffic. Instead my blog must get more traffic from the Search Engine ,which is terribly low so far!

Please teach me SEO!!!

So you know what, this blog seriously needs Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The problem is that I don’t understand a thing about SEO. It will be very helpful you can leave me some tips about SEO or anything related. I will appreciate it. By the way, how is the your blog’s traffic for last month? Up or down?

Hopefully, I can see more traffic from the search engine. Good luck to me. 😀

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  • well steve as you said ,, SU might give you some traffic but it’s not always the only traffic source .
    comments on others ,
    exchaning links with others ,
    submitting to search engines ,
    good keywords ,
    try pay per click with adwords
    and a good content .

  • ameo > in the end, we need the most traffic from search engine, right? “good keywords”? Hmmm… I am pretty noob for choosing good keywords. Can you mind explain more?

  • Do you have WordPress Stats installed?

    Sometimes, going through what keywords visitors arrived at your site can give you an idea of what kind of keywords to base your article on in the future.

    In my case, I only know about the game “The Last Stand 2” after folks searching for the key phrase “The Last Stand 2” landed on my “The Last Stand” post.

    Then I proceed to do a post about “The Last Stand 2” plus made it possible to download the .swf file archived in a ZIP file off that post.

    Now, that post is pulling in traffic everyday.

    The same theory applies for my Portal: The Flash Version guide 40 level series.

  • Yes, I’ve that plug-in installed. I do noticed keywords that brought the visitors to my blog. But for me, so far based on the keywords, I can hardly come out with more articles that relate to the keywords. Anyway, thanks for the advice. No wonder, you kept posting entries about Portal a while ago.

  • you can try to use “all in one SEO pack” plugin for wordpress.

    other then this, using sitemap generator, and submit your sitemap to google, google will come crawl your website, and your search engine traffic will increase

  • Try to use some WP plugins like All in one SEO . They really help.

  • icalvyn, madhur kapoor > Those plugins are the very first plug that I installed after migrating to wordpress. But then the search engine traffic is still low. Maybe the keywords selection for my blog is not good enough. Pagerank also affect our ranking in the search result right?