January 2009 Blog Monthly Report


Traffic Report

My Tech Quest's January 2009 Traffic Report

The traffic for January 2009 was slightly higher (or more less the same) than the previous month. Talking about the source of the traffic, it has been quite some time my blog didn’t get any mention at digg or stumbleupon (I guess you may consider digg or stumble my blog posts, only if you find the posts are really helpful and genuine). Now, I am more interested at getting organic traffic or the traffic from the search engines.  Although I prefer organic traffic, but any traffic from social networking sites are most welcomed.

My Tech Quest’s traffic statistics is as follows :

  • Visits : 20,622
  • Pageviews :  34,174

Top Content of the Month

How is your blog’s traffic for last month? Any interesting things happened last month?

Steve Yu is a technology blogger with ten years blogging experience under his belt. He is the founder of MyTechQuest.com or just MTQ.
  • Same here buddy. I haven’t got any new posts that get Dugg or Stumbled yet 🙂 (although my old posts seem to get a good stead amount of stumble traffic)

    I just posted my traffic stats too here: http://www.michaelaulia.com/blogs/january-2009-traffic-income-statistics.html

  • your traffic blog reached 1000 unique ip / month , wow cool !!!!!

  • 34K page views/month is a good number. Congratz. As you said, it’s always better to target the search engines first instead of other sources as SE’s bring you quality visitors.

  • Nice stats….

    Hey how about your google earnings. Is it good. as you have checked, my earnings are less compared to the traffic i have got.

  • Nihar > Well, I earned less last month as compared to december last year. Around $90. I never reveal it in my blog.