Why smartphone gaming is the best?

Mobile Gaming

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Despite both Sony and Microsoft doing their utmost to deliver incredibly powerful consoles, it’s clear that they are fighting a losing battle in the gaming world.

This is because smartphone gaming is becoming an unstoppable force thanks to a combination of several features that means that we can enjoy a limitless range of options from the convenience of a small device.


The single-fingered swiping motion of Super Mario Run instantly illustrates how a single action can reveal a surprising amount of gameplay potential. Rather than getting bogged down in endless technicalities, the joy of smartphone gaming is the fact that the most successful games can be played within seconds of loading up.

Free gameplay

Many of the world’s biggest mobile titles are free to play. Although the freemium model offered by the likes of Clash of Clans may cause gamers to pay for in-app purchases, it still represents a great way for gamers to try out a game for free, rather than paying a prohibitive one-off sum.

Casual gaming

Unlike many console games that aim to provide an ‘immersive’ experience, part of the thrill of mobile gaming is that you can pick up and pick the game down at your own leisure. So whether it’s taking a quick spin of a slots game on the Betway gaming site, or just having another attempt to beat the puzzles of Color Switch, mobile gaming is something that can be quickly done without taking too much time.

Advanced graphics

Whilst mobile gaming began with the pixellated likes of Snake, it’s clear that the graphics on smartphone games have become seriously advanced in the past couple of years. A quick look at the latest range of mobile games like Modern Combat 5: Blackout shows how even the smallest of smartphone screens will be capable of delivering some impressive graphical depth.

Gaming futures

And with the likes of the Google Daydream software ushering in a new era of virtual reality mobile gaming, it looks like our simple platformers, first-person shooters, and even casino games can look forward to an unprecedented level of realism.

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