10 Ways to Free Yourself from Smartphone [Infographic]


When was the last time you used your phone? You may well be using it right now to read this, and you wouldn’t be alone. Researchers have found that the average person spends 2.4 hours a day using their smartphone, and the effects this is having on our brains is always being measured as a matter of concern.

So if you struggle to resist the lure of one last flick through social media like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter before bed time or find yourself checking it as soon as you wake up, even in the middle of the night, you may need some help remembering how to put your phone down.

10 ways to free yourself from your smartphone

Luckily, this infographic from CashNetUSA has some tips that will hopefully help you free yourself from smartphone, from practical advice like turning off the push notifications that keep you picking it up to finding phone-free chill-out activities like just listening to music without also checking Facebook.

With much ado, let’s check out the infographic below, with the 10 top tips to help you stop checking your phone too often.

 How to free yourself from your smartphone

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