Web Services That You Don’t Really Need


Have you ever came across any web applications or services that you might think it’s not necessary to use it at all? Well, I have two here (manage to find two only). So let take a look at these two web services.

1. ReferHide

ReferHide.com will hide your website’s referrer information from website’s that you link to.

Unless you are putting links to porn sites or any illegal sites on your blog, otherwise you have no reason not to let the website that you link to, to know that your blog is the referrer right? So you don’t need this web application at all!

2. StumbleUpon Checker

StumbleUpon Check (sucheck.com) is a web application that allows you to easily verify that a page has been stumble (on StumbleUpon) by a certain user…. You’ll be given a Status (it’ll show if the user actually stumbled that page or not) and you’ll also be given a Certification Image.

So basically, you might want to use this service to verify that you have stumbled a page, especially when doing stumble exchange with other bloggers. StumbleUpon Checker will then rewards you with a certification image or I called it “Stumble Certificate“. But no thanks, for me, it’s just a lame web application and most of you don’t really care about this.

Well, if you do want such certificate, I will reward one to you. Just stumble this post and you’ll get your certificate. Here is an example. 🙂

Anymore to add?
Any other web services that come across you mind that you think don’t bring any good to you? Leave me a comment to share it. 🙂

Steve Yu is a technology blogger with ten years blogging experience under his belt. He is the founder of MyTechQuest.com or just MTQ.
  • Affiliate Crunch

    Oh, I never know it exist, im glad i read this posts.

  • Merqury

    thanks for the info, learned something new today.

  • Hallaj

    Well, the first one is kinda cool I guess. Especially if you want to be anonymous when you’re linking files, etc. Saves the hassel of people knowing where you came from. Wouldnt say the worse web application ever made anyway. Cheers.

  • Steve Yu

    affiliate crunch > there are more out there!

    merqury > you’re most welcome 🙂

    hallaj > but most bloggers don’t prefer this.

  • iCalvyn

    the 2nd one really don’t really needs… haha… i can check from the public profile also…

  • Steve Yu

    icalvyn > yes, really don’t need the SU checker…

  • Kitkat

    There are lots of crazy and weird applications and websites on the Internet.

  • Steve Yu

    kitkat > care to name some?

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  • Candice

    Thanks for the information.

    I actually find http://www.referhush.com very useful, I guess what is useful to some isn’t always useful to others.