How to Find the Font Used in An Image?


Google Official Logo

Do you want to find out what is the font used for the Google logo or any other images? Want to know what it is? Try WhatTheFont!

WhatTheFont is a cool and free web service that allows to identify the font used in the image on the fly. Go to WhatTheFont and simply upload the image file (Max. 2 MB) that you want find out the font from your computer or give the url link of the image.  WhatTheFont will scan its database to find the closest matches to the font in your image.

I gave Google logo a test and WhatTheFont has returned a list of 18 matches of fonts for the Google Logo.   

How to Find Font for an Image?

Try WhatTheFont Now!

[Update 8/12/2017] : Also available as Android app which lets you identify fonts with a snap.

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  • Great find buddy. Really useful

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    You can visit and use this web site to find a font use in a picture.

    First you crop a part of picture got the font you want to know and save to another file then use Choose file in the below web site, then press NEXT, it will generate several font which match your picture