How to Convert Webpage to PDF Directly from the Web?


How to Convert Webpage to PDF?

What do you do when you found an interesting webpage and decided to keep a copy of the webpage on your desktop? The usual way is using the “save page as” feature on your browser to save your favourite webpage to .htm/.html or text file format. But isn’t it better to convert the webpage to PDF format?

htm2pdf is a free web-based service that helps you convert your favourite webpages to PDFs.

How to Convert Webpage to PDF?
Simply copy and paste your preferred webpage url in the provided box in htm2pdf. Then click “Convert to PDF” to convert the webpage to PDF. Once the conversion finished, you will be given a link to download the PDF file.

Here is an example of the PDF-formatted-webpage.

How to Convert Webpage to PDF?
Check out htm2pdf @

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  • iCalvyn

    this is a great tools, normally i am using cute pdf to save any pdf file

  • –pandi merdeka nurdiansyah–

    wow i only know from [dot]doc to [dot]pdf website converter thanks for the information..

  • Steve Yu

    icalvyn > cute pdf is a great tool also

    –pandi merdeka nurdiansyah — > welcome! 🙂