How to Change Google Logo Text to Your Own Text?

Change Google Text Logo

How would you like to replace the boring Google Text Logo with your own name or any names that look appealing to you? It really looks cool to me, now there is no more Google Logo Text in my firefox browser. What’s I have now is the My Tech Quest Search Engine!! LOL!

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If you find this trick looks really cool, here’s how to make your own Google Logo Text. Please note that this trick only apply for firefox browser.

  1. First, you need to install the GreaseMonkey firefox add-on
  2. Next, install the required script
  3. Once finished, head for Google.
  4. Double clicks the Google Logo and a box will appear similar to the figure below.
    Change Google Logo Text
  5. Now, you can type your own text ( letters and space ) and assign different color for each letter.
  6. In color edit box, type the numbers: 1 – blue, 2 – red, 3 – yellow, 4 – green or other – random.
  7. Click the “Change” button when finished and you will noticed the new Google Logo Text. 😀

via Tricks 2 Trick

Steve Yu is a technology blogger with ten years blogging experience under his belt. He is the founder of or just MTQ.
  • This is cool. Wish it was available for IE as well.

    • Only is working for all web browsers, which gives search results same as others are just making fool……..

    • VARUN

      it really works

  • A cute little trick, not particularly useful though.

    I will pass. 😉

  • wow!!!funny !!!!will try it later=)

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  • Javad

    this website is exellecnt and exelcusive…

  • lailai

    I hate firefox, however I found a way for IE. Save the page and change the logo pic. Now you need to have IIS and open C:/Windows/System32/Drivers/Etc/Hosts Open that in notepad and ad the google ip + localhost/google.htm.

    • s.kumar

      i cant done

      please tell me how can i change google name

  • It seems you quite enjoyed this trick .Check out this one
    Make Google& iGoogle home page dark

    htRULZs last blog post..Get Back Missing Search Option in Windows

  • i would like to chge the name

  • Just open
    Enter your name
    Select the style you want to use.

    And here is your google search engine with your own name.

    Bookmark it and make it you default home page.
    Now every time you open your brower your own search engine will open.
    You can also visit gmail,yahoo,msn,aol from same page from dropdown
    box in upper right side

    You will also like to add it in your blog or website.
    you can also send your url to your friends, and make them surprised.

    • well harender this is pretty old but its unique, no other site is providing the facility to change the name in your own style also. others are only providing only change of name in fix format…

  • Tyson

    You can add your own picture instead of the white background with . I have a family photo there right now. A lot better than these ones.

  • Cool

  • Guys you can google your own name too. you don’t need firefox. just go to and there it goes.

  • Thanks for this tip.

  • Rahul

    i have installed both grease monkey and the script,after that you have said some thing that ‘head for google’
    what do you mean by that???
    waiting for your reply…

  • Rahul > Sorry for late reply. ‘head for google’ meaning that go to

  • Dan

    LOL, you dont need to download a hole new browser -.-

    go to and change it there.

  • KS

    Can any one chang or add new background with images to google my way?. This google you can assign you own name beside goole name but the background is only white colore and look not interested.

  • Very intresting Post, will bookmark your blog

  • hey i dint got the info which i needed


    • seagate

      Wooow….Sujith…thanks a lot Man….you are cool….you gaves us the best answer for all of the question… I can use my own creation of my homepage ( not only change the name of google but all from background until each letter can change even no add….hahahahaha ) ( damn…Sijith…you good…thanks again )

  • Hi,

    I am not agree with Google man, If we will use the link provided by him, we can’t just type and get our name, Rather we have to use their specified link. Which is fully inconvenient.

    Nice article.
    Thank you.


  • joe

    lets you change the google text to anything you desire



  • good nice i like it

  • chakkar jii

    just type,,,,,, …….

    i.e just type ur name after

  • carlos

    ..i saw this guy’s laptop once, and he’s got his name just as but each letter had a special form, just as google when each letter has a different drawing.. any idea where i can get that???

  • Subrahmanyam

    Really, the given answer was great. I tried it.

    But Now a days i am using google chrome. But this method is not working in Google Chrome.

    If any one know, how to change the google logo in google chrome plz send a mail.

    With Regards

  • Sujith

    hi everyone,

    if u wish to customize the Google logo according to your wish , use the following website and type your text in the search box and click on create text . Below is the name of the website to customize you home page


  • Hammad Raza

    Wow it really worked ( but the problem is that in search box, all database list is not available

  • I) For Changing Google Logo
    1). Using
    If you want a fancier text with Glitters, than go to and Enter Your Name and Select the Style you want.
    Here is your own search engine with your own name. Now Bookmark it or make it as your default home page.

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  • shakir shah

    i am change the Google logo this place to your name please change

  • Check out it lets you customize google logo with your name!

    Let me know if you have any question, also go to and click on Tell friends and send out
    .-= Check out Ruchi´s latest blog post .. =-.

  • Sauqy

    I already try it and it works as well!!!

  • thanks
    its excellent

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  • Angad

    when i run the script u specified it says returns an error: Object expected.
    I use win vista 32

  • navic



  • sravan

    how can i chainge text “google” in google chrome browser

  • ilovveeee thiss its wkd 😉

  • *pl

    WoW…its working.
    Thank You !

  •,it is not to network error

  • gopi lahoti

    Dear Sir ,

    I am asking you kindly if its possible helping me from removing my name from Google search ,

    as long ago i used to find my name coming up in Google search

    I used to delete my name from google , but I still can find my name over the Google search page .

    Kindly can you advice me how i can remove my name and info…

    that would be very thankful.

    I waiting your response to my question.

    And would like to thank Google Co. for your understanding the needs of your help

    • Scorpioynkr

      Just uninstall ur browser and install it another version of ur browser…
      definately ur name will remove…..

      • Shivam

        just remove that script from grease monkey…

  • Abhinav

    its not working dude…!!!

  • Abhinav

    i hv installed the “GreaseMonkey firefox add-on” and den “installed the required script”
    but when i m double clicking on google logo … nothing happens…pls help…

  • Jaimesespencer

    wow i still dont know how to do it

  • ashish

    my name is ashi sinha