How about sending Your Email to the Future?


Email Yourselves in the Future - Time Machiner

So would you like to send email to the future? If so, here is just the right tool to send your email to the future called the Time Machiner ( Do I hear time machine? ). Actually, the email is not exactly send to the future, but is delivered to the recipient in the future for the email that we send in the past. It’s like scheduling your email to get delivered on a date that you specified in the future.

TimeMachiner is a new mini-app that lets you email people in the future. Use it to remind yourself to do something that you’ll more than likely forget, keep your future self on the straight and narrow, even wish your friends happy birthday…

I’ve tried this interesting web service but not sure whether this service can send the email into my inbox on the date that I have specified which is on the year 2030. I am interested to find out but 22 years going to be a long wait for me! LOL!

Email Yourselves in the Future - Time Machiner

Why don’t you give Time Machiner a try? Try Time Machiner now!

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  • Kinda like the WordPress pre-post thingie, except it is for emails. -_-

    I fail to see any use for it though. O_O

  • Can you provide more information on this?

  • James Masters > How can I help you? Well, Time Machiner is a web service where you can deliver your message on a future date that you have specify. For example, you can write a birthday reminder today and have it delivered to your email inbox on any date in future.