Here Is My EntreCard and Yours?


Most of the blogs that I visited recently have the so-called EntreCard on their blog and that didn’t hold me for long before I signed up too for EntreCard network yesterday. The reason for joining is simple, because EntreCard is HOT!!!

Free Blog Advertising Using Credits
After reading through the help page , here is what I can summarized about EntreCard, EntreCard is a platform for bloggers to run free blog advertising on other blogs. There is no money involved, but you need credits to advertise on other blogs. To get credits, you can either earn it by dropping your card on other blogs (including my blog), have someone drops his/her card on your blog and also earns credits when someone advertises on your blog.

The most important thing that EntreCard can gives us is TRAFFICS! Each time blogger drops you their card, you get traffics and you get traffics too when you advertise on other blogs. The quality of the traffics may be low, but hopefully some of the traffics will be converted to quality traffics.

Here is my 125×125 EntreCard which I designed it within couple of minutes. Look simple but will redesign it when I have idea time. 🙂

Drop me your card
Since you are here on my blog, please drop me your EntreCard on the sidebar there. In return, I will drop mine too on your blog. 🙂

P.S. : Anyone to advertise their blog on my EntreCard’s widget??

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    your credit to advertise has been increase, wonderful… keep it on, i have drop 1 card for you too…

  • Steve Yu

    Same with you too… keep on jumping the EntreCard advertisement price on your blog and thanks for approving my Entrecard to display on your blog. 🙂 Have a nice day