File Swap – Give One File, Get One Back Free!


File Swapping - Give One File, Get One Free

If you couldn’t find anything useful to do at the very moment, let check up this totally crap web tool – File Swap. In file swap, you will upload one file from your desktop to file swap and in return you will receive a different file in exchange which someone swapped earlier. You will not know what file that you will get until you have successfully swap one of your file, be it a photo, wallpaper, mp3 song, short video , pdf or text file as long as it does not exceed 500 kb. This web tool is just means for fun and should be label as crap and useless web service.

This is what a user has commented about File Swap.

hey guys, your page sucks a** bigtime, i was able to swap only one file, then i was just getting anoyyed by the fu***ng “that file already exists” or “invalid characters in name” or different kinds of buillshit from you.(i was trying to swap different files)

So I just wanted to say F*** YOU, you just ruined my day, so i’m gonna f*** somebody’s day too, because s**t like this really pisses me off.

Hope you rott in hell b*tches. so long

LOL! That was a really nice comment. Anyway, you might want try File Swap too and see what do you get in return. I have tried it and here is what I get – an image of a horse? Useless!

File Swapping - Give One File, Get One Free

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  • Haha..I just tried to swap one file and I get a pretty meaningless image file. This is really not very useful web tools but if you are really bored, why not swap for craps. But be careful what if you swap yourself a virus..

  • vickie

    if like that really crpa and useless services… the services actually targeted on who oh

  • Apple > Oh virus, never thought of that.

    vickie > For those who can’t find anything useful to do at the moment. 😀

  • LoL that’s a “funny” service but as you said, it’s for pure fun and “crap” 😀