Convert Flash SWF to ScreenSaver with Creamshavers


Recently, I came across a really sweet flash which I love to make it as my laptop’s screensaver. So I try googling the web to search for any software converter that can convert the flash file into a windows screensaver, and luckily I found one, well it is not a software but a free web service, called Creamshavers.

Creamshavers is a totally free web service to create windows screensavers from Shockwave Flash files. Just upload your swf flash file and Creamshavers will produce a windows installer .exe with a totally nag-free fullscreen windows screensaver.

How to Convert Flash to Screensaver?

1. The procedure is rather easy. First, log into Creamshavers dot com, scroll down until you see the similar form as shown below. Then, browse for the flash file that you want to convert and fills in other required info.

2. Then hit the “Create Screensaver” button and your screensaver installation package will be ready to be downloaded any time.

3. Download the installation package into your computer. Once completed, double click the installer and install it.

4. Done! You can try to preview the screensaver now. 🙂

Last but not least, this is the flash that I have converted into the screensaver, called the Screen Cleaner. If you like it, you can download it here [Flash Version] and convert it yourself. Happy trying! 🙂

The Screen Cleaner

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  • Bendever Gerona

    I downloaded Cramshavers just yesterday. A friend of mine told me about it. It’s working fine in my PC. I manage to produce 5 Screen savers already.

    By the way, I’m taking the dog with me ^_~

  • traveller

    hahhaha. this is great! I love the dog and will try out the screensaver thing.

  • WoW

    hahaha, the screensaver’s dog is very cute. I like it.

  • Delphine, SteepingBeauty

    I absolutely love that sweet little dog licking the screen – oh, and the content is pretty good too, can’t wait to make a screen saver!!


  • gautam hans

    Very cute dog video. I am kinda amazed with flash software because you can do anything with software converters,like one i used was to conert images into slideshow containing links in each photo.

    Thanx adobe for making such a great software

  • blazin

    That little Pug Dog is just an awesome little animal. Definetely going to check out Creamshavers as well! Thanks for the blog.

  • Steve Yu


    seem like everyone commenting here like the puppy aka “screen cleaner”. 🙂 Hehe…

  • Anonymous

    OK, so this is weird…I received the Screen Cleaner dog swf link in my email the other day, and thought it would make a nice SS. So I too googled for a converter – there’s a lot of Trial/Expensive utilities out there, but then I cam across your blog…how FUNNY!!!

  • Steve Yu

    anonymous > hehe… thank you for accidentally coming to my blog. LOL!

  • peter

    it doesn’t work. insists on having shockwave player 10, nothing more nothing less.