Tips to Protect Your Smartphone from Identity Theft [Infographic]


Tips to Get Your Phone Safe - Infographic

Smartphones have became part of our life. Just admit it, we are increasing become dependent on smartphones. We use the phone to keep track of our contacts and there are a lot of information (including sensitive ones) that we stored in our phone. This may include text messages, social networking profiles (Facebook, Twitter etc), email accounts, bank accounts, credit card information, photos, passwords and more.

You would agree that it’s so convenient to access such data at your fingertips. And given the importance of the sensitive information on your smartphone, you just can’t afford to lose your phone. It can spells disaster if you accidentally misplace your phone or someone has stolen your phone, because you are putting your identity in jeopardy! So, don’t lose your phone in the first place.

But can you guarantee that your phone won’t get stolen or you misplace it somewhere? Probably not. But, at least, you can take some precautionary measures that may help you to recover the phone or locate the phone in the event the phone is stolen or lost, as highlighted by the infograhic below.

Created by Background Check, the infographic, “What Our Phones Can Reveal About Us“, tells you the type of information that people can retrieve from your smartphone once lost or stolen and offers you recommendations for applications that could help to locate your phone or delete the information remotely. You are suggested to enable the auto erase feature that will wipe out your phone’s data after 10 failed password attempts. Last but no least, there are a few measures to take in the event that you lose the phone.

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Tips to Get Your Phone Safe - Infographic


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