The Money behind Retro Tech [Infographic]


Did you know that the original Apple Computer or better known as the Apple I or Apple-1, which costed $666.66 in 1976, has been auctioned off for $650k?  That’s a handsome gain of 23,716% , for god’s sake!

The Money behind Retro Tech - Apple 1

Now, how could such retro tech catch such a high price in auction market? Well, it’s mostly dependent on the rarity of the item, condition and collectability. Take the Apple-1 computer for example, there is only six working models exist in this world. On the contrary, the original Gameboy from Nintendo fetches only $45 at auction (release price at $89.99 in year 1989). The handheld video game device sold for more than 119 million units worldwide.

Check out the “The Money behind Retro Tech” infographic below to see more of these retro tech. Some gain values over time, some don’t.

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The Money behind Retro Tech Infographic


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