Test Your Kissing Skill with Kissing Gadget


Kissing GadgetThis is one-of-it-kind gadget that is able to test your kissing skill with your partner. ( Sound interesting? ) Valentine’s day is approaching and you might want to surprise your partner with this gadget and get her/him into this fun love test. I am sure that this year’s Valentine will be different and enjoyable with this “Kissing Love Tester” by your side. 🙂 Wow, this will be a lot of fun!

This is how this gadget works :

1. Hold the heart with a partner

2. Pucker up and kiss, making sure only your lips touch

3. If love is in the air the heart will glow and play music to let you you are made for each other!

4. If love isn’t in the air the heart will be sure to let you know by sounding a buzzer. (When this happen, you are in trouble!)

Kissing Gadget

Steve Yu is a technology blogger with ten years blogging experience under his belt. He is the founder of MyTechQuest.com or just MTQ.
  • bloggingpreneur

    So I guess the idea here is to continuosly test this gadget over and over again, right? Isn’t there an easier way to test the love connection?

  • WoW

    I would you to see what trouble or disaster would that be!! hehe

  • Ashish Ghildiyal

    nice gadget..but I wanna ask a question-Do we really need a practice for kissing?

  • Steve Yu


    yes, absolutely correct. 🙂 Easier way? Hmm… have no idea :p

    you don’t want this to happen. 🙂

    @ashish ghildiyal
    Certainly! Simply kiss, everyone can do it, but not everyone can kiss it with feel 🙂

  • Jam

    Haha. I think it will feel weird?

  • Steve Yu


    Haha…. weird but fun 🙂

  • vickie

    zzz swt… got such a tool to test it out

  • Steve Yu


    LOL! You never know what the next ridiculous gadget gonna show up in town…. Maybe you wanna try it… hehe

  • Fashionable wife

    a good idea for valentine gift.. LOL

  • Steve Yu

    @fashionable wife

    sadly, it is currently out of stock. 🙁

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