How to Combine Tabs from Separate Windows into One Single Window in Google Chrome?


It is not easy to manage all your tabs in Google Chrome especially when you have the tabs scatter all over the place in separate windows. JoinTabs is an extension for Google Chrome that enables you to easily combine all Chrome tabs in separate windows into the same single window with just a mouse click.

To merge all the tabs from multiple browser windows into one single window, click on the JoinTabs icon (which is next to the address bar after you have the extension installed). And JoinTabs will moves every tabs from separate windows and bring them to the window where you’ve click the icon of JoinTabs.

Besides tabs, this extension works also with popup windows, as Developer Tools.

In addition, you can use the keyboard shortcut key Ctrl+M to merge windows. But first, you need to enable the shortcut key in the options page. However, the shortcut key doesn’t apply chrome:// pages such as New Tab page, Extensions page etc.

In the options page too, you can set JoinTabs to automatically combine tabs into one single window, so that you don’t need to click on the JoinTabs icon or use shortcut key. The process is automated. 🙂

Install JoinTabs chrome extension to combine tabs from separate windows into one single window

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