4 Smart Home Tech that Improve Your Home Life

4 Unique Gadgets that Improve Your Home Life

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Smart home tech isn’t just about simplifying tasks or making basic routines effortless. It’s about improving your quality of life, from filtering pollutants in the air to saving you a few minutes of coffee prep in the morning. A great home gadget may save you time and energy, but it will also enrich your life. Check out these exciting home gadgets that go beyond thermostats and security systems. Then head to Modernize for more creative home inspiration.

Smart Slow Cooker

The best part about slow cookers is that you can leave them all day and trust that you’ll come home to a delicious aroma and a ready meal. But what if you get trapped at the office or asked to help volunteer at you kids’ school event? On the off chance that your delicious entree doesn’t burn after too long in the cooker, you’re going to worry about it until you can get home.

The Belkin WeMo Smart Slow Cooker is just like a traditional slow cooker—except that you can control it remotely with your smart phone. After you set up the cooker, all you have to do is download the WeMo app on your phone and look for the device’s wifi signal. While you’re away from home, you can easily change the setting to low, medium, high, or off.

Smart Notification System

If you’re the type to put your phone aside when you get home in order to prioritize family time, then you’ve probably missed a few important phone calls. But if you keep it glued to your hand, you may be forsaking family or alone time by answering every text or call that comes your way. Thankfully, there’s a happy medium.

With the Dotti Smart Notification Light, you can turn your notifications into a piece of artwork sitting on your desk or entertainment center. Set it to light up when you receive calls, texts, or emails—and you can customize the lights design and colors to indicate which one is coming in. With Dotti, you can enjoy your time at home without constantly checking your phone; but the best part is that it adds a little decor pizzaz to your home.


The Petcube is a revolutionary gadget for pet owners who have to leave their pets for hours at a time on a daily basis.  Petcube is a camera that allows you to check on your pets while you’re away from home and save yourself the worrying. The wide-angle lens lets you see them even if they’re not directly positioned in front of the camera. It also includes a two-way audio stream and is made of aluminum with a no-slip surface, so you don’t have to worry about your pet sending it crashing to the floor. Even better, since it’s a small black cube, it blends easily into your home decor.

Smart Bed

Of all the things that a home gadget could improve, a good night’s sleep should be at the top of the list. As consumers become increasingly aware of their personal health and how strongly it correlates to sleep, smart beds are getting more sophisticated. The Sleep Number c2 tracks your breathing, heart rate, and movements, and it gives you tips on how to get a more fulfilling night’s sleep. And, of course, it’s adjustable for optimum comfort.

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