Store All Your Facebook Chat Messages in Firefox [Firefox Extension]


Facebook provides a convenient way for you to chat with your family and friends with it’s built-in chat service, Facebook Chat. Somehow, they are lack of functionality and features. They don’t provide you with emoticons and smileys, and they definitely don’t allow you to store your chat conversations. In my previous post, I have shown you how to add emoticon list in your Facebook Chat window. So today, we will learn how to save all your Facebook chat messages.

Facebook Chat History Manager is a Firefox extension that saves all your Facebook conversations locally in Firefox. Your chat messages are securely stored and password-protected. Therefore, no one can access and view your chat history without the correct password.

To setup Facebook Chat History Manager, after you’ve installed the extension, visit this page, and click “Allow” button. Now, create an account with Chat History Manager. From the Firefox menubar, navigate to Tools> Facebook Chat History Manager> Create Account.

To locate your Facebook ID, go to your facebook profile page, then note the url address of the page. For example. the url of my profile page look like this : So my Facebook ID is steveyu85.

Create Account on Facebook Chat History Manager

You can view all your saved chat messages anytime either online or offline. To view chat history online, visit this page and click View Chat History. The chat messages can be filtered by friend or date.

View Facebook Chat Messages

For offline access, press Ctrl+Alt+F to open the chat history window. You need to login to view the chat history.

Login to View Your Chat History Messages

Install Facebook Chat History Manager [Firefox Extension]

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  • Kyle

    in the create an account menu I enter the information and then click create account but then nothing happens. It does not do anything. can anyone help me with this?? also please be specific about what I have to put where because “Facebook ID(*)” isn’t very specific.

    • Hi, Kyle. I see you have problem to locate the Facebook ID. To find your facebook id, go to your facebook profile page, then note the url address of the page. For example. the url of my profile page look like this : So my Facebook ID is steveyu85. I hope my explanation is clear. Have good time using this firefox add-on. 🙂

  • drane

    Hi, cannot see any chat history… i don’t even see my friends under the friend list.. can you please provide detailed instructions ? or was I missing something. I used my username for “FacebookID(*)” instead of my email add…… cant see anything.. please help.. tnx!

    • Please refer to my previous reply to the first comment.

      • drane

        Yes, I used to follow exactly as what you’ve said. The problem is that there are no items below my friend list showing on chat history manager. Definitely, messages are also not showing up or stored. Is this working on any version of firefox? I’m using the latest version… And also I’m on windows7.. ?? Here’s what I did:
        Login Name: enardtot
        Show Messaged per page: 10

        Any mistakes? please help.. tnx much..

        • Okay, I see the problem now. Key in enardtot as the FacebookID. As for Login Name, just leave it blank. It’s should be working now! 🙂

  • elcar

    no friends are showing up on my history….am i doing something wrong?

  • ian

    Hi Steve, What is the 10 digit number you receive when you look into Facebook during the download procedure. Was this not the ID number?



  • Nuriee

    Hi, i just created an account for the facebook chat history manager! there is some important history that i lost and needed to read again but i guess it was cleared because facebook only stores it for a few days. Why can’t i view any history from last year??


  • Maxim

    Where do that extension store all the infirmation?

  • byp

    i’ve installed the chat history manager on our computers (Mac OS 10.5.8) but when i go to Tools/FaceBookChatHistoryManager/ViewHistory i get a pop up window with a default name already filled in, but i need to delete that name as the “default user”. I’ve tried entering other names (with FB accounts) there but they won’t take.

  • Rakesh

    I tried but unable to create the account I keep on pressing the button but nothing happens, I am using windows 7 FF 3.6.7

  • sam

    i am using the facebook chat history in firefox. But i hav a wstn. If i chat in another computer,will it b saved??