Create Your Facebook Birthday Calendar with Birthday Album


Few days back I came across a very unique calendar-like images in one of my Facebook’s friends photo album. The calendar-like images display the birthday of her facebook friends’ birthday and profile photos. It is so unique that I am sharing it with you on My Tech Quest.

Facebook Birthday Calendar

Actually, the birthday calendar was created by a Facebook application called Birthday Album. This app enables you to automatically creates a great looking calendar book in your facebook photo album, showing all your friends’ birthdays and profile photos.

To create your Facebook birthday calendar, simply visit Birthday Album application page.

Facebook Friends Birthday Calendar Book

Click on the “Start now, it is all automatic” button to start creating your birthday calendar of your Facebook friends.  A new Facebook photo album will be created for you, which consist of 13 images. One image for each month plus a cover image.

Create Facebook Birthday Calendar with Birthday Album

Your friends will be tagged automatically in the page showing their birthday and profile photo. In addition, you will also be able to view, share and even order your calendar as a Photo-Book.

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