Steve’s Tech Blog Get It’s First Pagerank!


So have you read today’s newspaper? Well, you should must read it. It has nothing to do with the coming Malaysia’s general election (I am not interested on that though). It’s about my blog new Google Page Rank! Yes, finally my blog get it’s first Page Rank from Google. I started this blog on the end of November and after three months waiting for my first Page Rank update, the day has finally come and here is my new Page Rank, from ZERO to FOUR (unofficial)!

Here is the piece of news that I am yelling about just now, in case you want to read it. Just read the headline. 🙂

Steve's Tech Blog Get It's First Pagerank!

Anyone getting the New Page Rank update?
Have your blog receive the new Google Page Rank? If yes, share your good news with me! And praise me also. I love that!

P.S. : I’ve tried to confirm my Google Page Rank on major datacenters using iwebtool but the results are not as what I expected. Maybe it’s too early for me to celebrate. 🙁

Steve Yu is a technology blogger with ten years blogging experience under his belt. He is the founder of or just MTQ.
  • Anonymous

    I’m not seeing it, is the news source reliable? I wouldn’t give up hope though cause there’s always tomorrow. Just keep writing and stop concentrating on your page rank. 😉

  • Michael Aulia

    From 0 to 4?? Man that is crazy! Can that really happens?

  • Steve Yu

    anonymous > I installed the page rank extension on my firefox. That’s where I know my blog’s new page rank, a PR 4! Oh, yeah!

    michael aulia > yes, that’s true for 0 to 4. This is possible , my previous blog also get PR 4 from ZERO on the first page rank update last year.

  • Gary Ooi

    huh? are you sure? my google toolbar showing pr0 for your site. if it’s true, congrats mate!

  • izzat

    if its true..congrat man..
    btw, it is not an impossible thing to be happen actually.
    my previous blog at blogspot also got pr3 after 5 month..
    so it is not possible..

    p/s:wonder when my current blog can get its 1st PR..huhu..

  • Anonymous

    Not seeing any updates right now but John Chow’s blog got slapped again, he’s down to PR 3 from 4 today, lol.

    His traffic is WAY down too lately and he’s spending 500 a month on adwords. It looks like it doesn’t pay to piss off Google afterall.

    I hope the PR4 sticks here, Good luck!

  • Steve Yu

    gary ooi > I swear I saw pr 4 today but now the rank disappear, changed status to unranked. Weirdo?

    izzat > I hope it’s true. Then I can officially announce my brand new PR. Your blog will get the new PR really soon. 🙂

    anonymous > Thanks, I hope so. 🙂 I read about JC get slapped by big G yesterday.

  • Gary Ooi

    it’s ok..not tat i don’t believe you or what..anyway, keep it up man..i wanna hit pr5..thinkin of getting my own domain and host..blogspot not reli my cup of tea now..just using it for the time being! lol..

  • Maruel

    Wow! Good for you! The opposite happened to me last Sunday. I think I got a “Google Slap” and my PR went down from 2 to 0.

  • Steve Yu

    maruel > well, the new pr is not yet confirmed. Oooo… that is bad for you. Hope you get back your pr on next google update.