How to Publish Your WordPress Blog Post Updates on Facebook?


Ever want to keep your Facebook’s friends updated with your latest blog posts? Wordbook is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to automatically publish your blog post updates to your Facebook Wall.

Here is how a blog post update appears in your Facebook account.

How to Publish Your WordPress Blog Post Updates to Facebook?

Below are the main features of Wordbook :

  • Works with a complementary Facebook application to update your Facebook Wall and friends’ News Feeds about your blog and page postings.
  • A miniature version of your recent blog posts will be displayed in the “Boxes” tab of your Facebook profile.
  • Supports multi-author blogs: each blog author notifies only their own friends of their blog/page posts.

If you are looking for way to get extra traffic (even though it will not be much) to your blog, you should try this method.

Download Wordbook

Update 01/09/2011 : Wordbook extension is no longer working. Try Workbooker instead!

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