How to Find Physical Location of Any Server or IP Address?


When you first sign up for web hosting services, you are more interested to quickly set up your blog or website and don’t care too much about the location of the server that hosted your website/blog. After some time, you may be wondering the exact location of your server ( or maybe not ).

Locate Your Blog Server Location
Anyhow, there is a way to locate the physical location of your server. Server Location Lookup is a handy web tool that allows you locate the physical location of any server based on URL ( your blog address ) or IP address. To use Server Location Lookup, you need to enter the URL or the IP of your blog/website and hit the Lookup button.

The server location will be displayed on Google Map. You can use the zoom function to find the exact street where your blog resides. I did a search for my blog and the result shown the location of my server which is in California.
Now, do you know where is your blog resides at? If no, why don’t you give Server Location Lookup a try.

Via Life Rocks 2.0

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