Free Blogger and Facebook Biz Cards for Everyone


My Tech Quest Blogger Name Card

“Hi, I am Steve Yu and here is my Blogger business card.”

As a blogger, do you ever promote your blog offline by giving people your Blogger business card? If no, how about getting one for yourselves? Probably not? How about for FREE then?

Get Your Free Blogger and Facebook Business Cards

OOPrint is very generous to offer you 100 Blogger or Facebook business cards free of charge. Everyone loves free stuff, just admit it. 😀 So I guess you don’t want to miss this. Here’s how to get the business cards delivered to your front door.

  1. First, choose the preferred design for your Blogger or Facebook business card.
  2. Now, customize your card. Fill in the relevant details and click “Validate the preview” to preview your card. Click “Order” once you are satisfied.
  3. Again, click “Order” to go to the next page. Your cards will be printed on standard white paper (220g) and there will be a little writing at the back of the card.
  4. Even though the cards are free, you still need to pay for the shipping fee. But don’t worry, you can waive the USD $5.90 delivery charge by entering this promotion code, “CARDINAL”. This promotion code is valid until 21st April. Make sure you grab the cards before it’s too late.
  5. Next, fill in your delivery and billing addresses.
  6. Finally, sit back and wait for your new cards to arrive. It may take up to 9 days.

Prepare Your Cards for Blogger Gathering Event

So there you go on how to get yourselves free business cards. You know what, you can distribute or exchange your Blogger business card with fellow bloggers during blogger gathering event. Well, till now, I don’t have the chance yet to attend such event. LOL! When I have, I want to exchange my card with Mr LiewCF. 😀

Update : Here is the prove that you don’t need to pay for the blogger cards plus the delivery fee. Remember to enter promo code “CARDINAL” to enjoy the free delivery fee. 100% FREE! No catch at all! 😀

Free Blogger Business Card

P.S. : Anyone wants to exchange card with me? Anyone?

Steve Yu is a technology blogger with ten years blogging experience under his belt. He is the founder of or just MTQ.
  • it is not a good deal…

    if you print 200pcs from

    you would have paid 5.9 + 4 (for no ads back) = USD9.9 = RM32

    it only cost your RM72/200pcs for matt lamination with both side full color printing…which is RM36 / 100 for double side full color printing with better quality paper

  • RiceBlogger > Not a good deal even it is free? LOL! What else can we ask from? For me, it’s never mind if they printed ads behind the card and make sure you enter the promotion code to waive the delivery fees.

  • Looks like RiceBlogger is promoting his own business hehe… Anyway Steve, where’d you find the promotion code? On the ooprint site itself?

  • BobbyT > I found the promo code somewhere on the net. Hehe…. secret. 😀 Not on the ooprint website itself. So have you order your blogger biz card?

  • Yeah, I did earlier with the “obama” or “mccain” promo code, can we order another set with this promo code? I am not sure hehe…

  • BobbyT > I think can. Maybe you want to try it out to confirm it. Let me know whether can or not. Or use other email to register another account? Evil! 😀

  • 100% free ha? What’s the catch? Might check it out later. 😉

  • You need to pay freight charges.Printing is free!

  • Deimos Tel’Arin > 110% Free! No Catch. 😀

    Felex Tan > Printing and delivery fee is free, make sure you enter the promo code “CARDINAL”

  • Oh, not bad. But these days printing cards ourselves also pretty damn cheap.

  • Thanks man, I just signed up for my cards. 🙂

  • I do agree with rice blogger, this is not a good deal

    Local I print my name card only RM35 for 400 pcs, and with this deal, already cost $9.90 for 100 pcs

  • Hehe, if need to pay I don’t feel the necessity to print my own name card just yet ma. Now just main-main, got free stuff, nothing to complain. Maybe I look towards printing locally when I become problogger hehe!

  • Lets hope they deliver in India too.

  • vickie

    Steve just provider the news whenever got FREE things only bah.. nobody don’t want FREE things right?

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  • My opinion, LAME.

    Sounds like a marketing scam. Even if it isn’t, why wouldn’t you have a professional business card with you blog/facebook address on it?

  • Helena’s Furie > the facebook card maybe lame but I don’t agree that blogger card is lame. I think it’s creative to promote your blog offline using blogger card, don’t you feel the same?