Four-Figure Income in a Month from Google Adsense


quoted in US Dollars Ringgit Malaysia! Thank you to all my readers for your support! 🙂

As for last month, I have earned a total of USD $317.67 from Google Adsense. So when converted to Malaysia’s (my country) currency, it is equal to RM 1,074.20. Here’s a screenshot taken from, a popular currency site.

RM1000 a month from Google Adsense

I still remembered one year ago when I got my hand on my first ever cheque from Google Adsense. And now, a year later, I have archived four figure income from Adsense. Not bad at all! But it will be good if it’s in US Dollars and not in Ringgit. Well, maybe I can get it next year. Wish me luck!

Although USD $300++ is not a large amount to many of you, but it’s very meaningful to me because with that every month earning from Adsense. I can use it to pay the monthly loans for my new car. 🙂 I’ve just booked my car today. It’s national made car, Proton Persona.

This is really not bad, right? So do I hear someone said you can’t make money online?

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