Auto Fill Personal Details and Comment Message in Blog Comment Form [Firefox Add-On]


Leaving comments on others’ blogs can bring many benefits to you. By commenting on a blog’s posts, you can get good inbound links and also build good relationship with blog owners. Plus when you leave comments on multiple blogs, you can be socially recognized in the blogging community. Moreover if you comment on blogs focused on niche topic similar to yours, you can get additional traffic to your blog because the readers there will more likely be interested in your blog.

However, many bloggers (including me!) find hard time to leave comments especially on multiple blogs, simply because each time we want to leave a comment on a particular blog, we need to fill up our name, email and blog address over and over again in the comment form. How tedious! (Okay, I know this is just a lousy excuse)

Easy Comment is a must-have Firefox extension for bloggers, which helps you automatically fill out blog comment forms by entering a prefilled name, email, homepage URL and message. Using Easy Comment, you can leave comments easily on several blogging platforms like WordPress, Disqus, Movable Type and IntenseDebate. Plus, this extension supports multiple profiles.

Once you’ve this extension installed, you first need to fill up your personal details once in the preferences dialog box. To do so, click on the easyComment statusbar. Preferences dialog box will appear. Click the “Create Profile” button. Name your profile and fill up your personal details.

Make Leaving Comments on Blog Easy with Easy Comment Firefox Extension

Now, you can put Easy Comment to work. To have the personal details automatically fill into the blog comment form, you can simply click on the easyComment statusbar button or by pressing a shortcut key. By default, the hotkey is Ctrl + E. You can define your own hotkey by right-click on the statusbar, then select advanced > options.

Use Hotkey to Automatically Fill Up Comment Form

However, note that Easy Comment may not work on certain blogs. Some blogs may have change the default parameters for the comments forms. If you want to use Easy Comment on my blog, tell you what it works fine! 🙂

Make Commenting Much Easier with Easy Comment

So if you comment a lot on multiple blogs, this is the right tool for you. The only thing that you have to do is compose the message you want to leave behind and not having to wonder about your personal details. They will be automatically filled. 🙂

Easy Comment is currently an experimental extension, which means that you need first to login your account at in order to download the add-on. If you don’t already have one, feel free to sign up an account. It’s free! Thanks, Raju.

Install easyComment [Firefox Extension]

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  • Somehow I don’t have this but forms are already auto filled in. Or at least when I type in the first letter 😀 I’ll skip the add-on unless if it can auto fill the comment for me lol

    • Not only personal details, Easy Comment allows you to auto fill comment message too. Lol! My bad… never mention it in my post title. It’s in the preferences dialog box.

  • I’ve not long started using this pluging and it’s really cut down the amount of time it takes me to enter all the info in the comment fields, I don’t know how I could do without it now.
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  • Good post. Thank you for this.

  • I was looking for such widget.. I was trying to leanr imacros add-on but could not learn too much. hope this add-on will help.

  • Yes it is true that leaving comments on others’ blogs can bring many benefits to you. By commenting on a blog’s posts, you can get good inbound links and also build good relationship with blog owners. This post will help us how to easily do blgo commenting. Thank you for sharing.

  • I create a file I store on Google Documents, it has a few lines of info that are commonly required. A few keystrokes and mouse clicks and voila. Its not as easy as Easy Comment but it works.

  • pyrichc happy

    I’d have to give blessing with you on this. Which is not something I typically do! I love reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment.

  • Not only individual information, Easy Thoughts allows you to automatic complete remark concept too. Lol! My bad… never talk about it in my publish headline. It’s in the choices dialogue box.